Gates insider: "Vaccination turns virus into untamable monster!"

We wanted to post these articles from Ninefornews earlier but the Ddos attacks prevented us from doing so. Hereby.

Gates insider: "Vaccination turns virus into untamable monster!"

All 'conspiracy theories' of Professor Sucharit Bhakdi and other scientists such as Professor Dolores Cahill turn out to be correct.

They are now receiving support from an unexpected source: an initiate in the vaccine world. Geert Vanden Bossche, who once worked for the Bill Gates foundation, warns against the new corona vaccines.

Several countries have temporarily stopped vaccination with AstraZeneca following reports of blood clots.

In Austria, a 49-year-old nurse died of a blood clotting disorder after receiving the vaccine. Other healthcare workers ended up in hospital after the injection.



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And also from Ninefornews:

Removed in minutes by YouTube: 'The vaccine is causing the real pandemic!'

Internet newspaper Wochenblick posted a video on YouTube which was removed almost immediately. The point: the vaccine is causing the real pandemic! Critics have long argued that the totalitarian measures are disproportionate to the threat of the coronavirus. Those in power are using the pandemic to restrict fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens.

Recently warned Gates insider Geert Vanden Bossche that the vaccination campaigns lead to the corona slowly but surely turning into a 'monster'. Suddenly, young people are also affected by corona and the complaints become more serious, something the vaccine expert also warned about.

“Do you hope everything will be over soon after the vaccination? Then I have to disappoint you, " says editor of Wochenblick Elsa Mittmannsgruber.

"Getting worse. The effects of the so-called pandemic will only really become visible this autumn and winter, precisely because of the vaccinations. Those in power have no interest in ending the state of emergency and want to gain time in this way. ”

Tyrannical regime

In view of the Great Reset, those in power need weakened and disoriented people to rebuild society without resistance, she says. "By isolating people and giving them a feeling of powerlessness, you can break them down and steer them more easily."

Humans are creatures of habit and eventually get used to a tyrannical regime. Tests, masks and vaccinations create dependencies that make a free life impossible. People who don't participate are marginalized.

Not only the increasing censorship and crackdown on protests pose a threat, but also the increasing number of vaccinations.

Irish molecular biologist and immunologist Dr Dolores Cahill, for example, warns that the immune system attacks its own body if it comes into contact with coronaviruses after inoculation.


Deleted video from Wochenblick Austria:

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