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PRAYER MOSQUE in Amsterdam makes people CRAZY

More and more people in Amsterdam are complaining about the very loud Islamic prayer calls that nowadays sound DAILY from the minarets of the mosque.

MANY mosques in the Netherlands sound one or more calls to prayer in the city every day, previously that only happened on FRIDAY.

Because of Ramadan, many mosques call Muslim believers to prayer not only on Fridays, but daily through the speakers in their minarets.

“Why right now? Due to the corona virus, the mosque is not allowed to open completely and many restrictions have been imposed! ”

… Can be read on a poster on an Amsterdam mosque.

The mosque in the capital now calls FIVE TIMES a day to pray to meet fellow believers and let them know that the mosque is still there.

But that call to prayer echoes very loudly, according to many Amsterdammers. The city council is getting more and more complaints from people who are tired of the noise.

'The volume with which this happens is so loud that it can be heard throughout the neighborhood and surroundings.

The sound reverberates through the neighborhood ', states a neighbor of the mosque.

According to him, there are many local residents who have had enough of it:

"There is even someone who is now playing with an electric guitar and amplifier from his balcony at the same time as the prayer call, to drown out the prayer call."

At the Taibah mosque in Amsterdam Southeast, there are even calls to prayer 'at night to hear.

A city spokesperson confirms the complaints and claims to take them seriously:

'In the first instance, residents have to report the nuisance to the mosque themselves, but that has apparently led to nothing.'

'Too much nuisance is experienced and something must be done by the mosque. It will be quite serious taken. There has already been telephone contact and my colleagues go to the mosque to have a personal conversation (to drink tea), 'said the spokesperson for the municipality of Amsterdam.

Cut cable 'The Blue Mosque'


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