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Genocide on the elderly by the Dutch government

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It will come across as hard, but given the consequences of this policy and these people, we are still expressing ourselves softly. We no longer believe in soft words. One has to realize what these people have really done. And that is almost impossible to express in words. The truth is the truth.

The wave of murder of the elderly in the Netherlands, caused by the bizarre, wrongful, life-threatening and humiliating measures imposed on us by mentally ill people such as Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge, continues.

These are only our elderly. This murder wave is just one of many catastrophic economic and psychological consequences.

There is no scientific basis to justify these measures.
On the contrary. The evidence AGAINST this perilous madness is mounting.

People hide behind models and have no idea what is going on in society. That makes them guilty.

If you DO know what is going on in society, the death penalty is still not enough for justice.

Include in this genocide the people for whom no place was likely, even though they needed it because of serious diseases and have died as a result!

This is genocide. This is a dictatorship. These “people” must GO!

Spread the freedom!

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