Climate engineering through weather control threatens the planet, not global warming

Not a Covid article, but then again actually.

Climate engineering through weather control (NOT “global warming”) is what threatens life and the planet: danger MUCH greater than COVID-19


Since the world has been dominated over the past year by the bogus threat that the globalists would have us believe COVID-19 presents, there is a much greater risk to human health and life on this planet, one that has so far been obscured.

In a very well documented and brilliantly produced explosive film that has been released,  The Dimming , by Dane Wigington of, is compelling evidence to show that planet Earth is not being destroyed by global warming as defined by the globalists, but is being destroyed by the globalists themselves through their attempts to weather it. such as to dim the sun by injecting nanoparticles into the atmosphere and then use microwave transmissions such as 5G to monitor the weather.

The gruesome  forest fires on the west coast  in America, the nuclear winter storm  which recently hit Texas , and one that  Denver hit  , may all be related to the globalist militarized weather change programs.

These climate engineering programs, which inject dangerous nanoparticles into our atmosphere every day and then are activated by EMF radiation such as 5G, cause far more illness and disease than any virus, including producing “flu-like” symptoms.

In this film, Dane Wigington has interviewed some of the world's best scientists and authorities about climate engineering and its effects on life and health, including:

Weather modification patents have been around for over 100 years

Dane Wigington reveals in this film that the US government and private military contractors have weather modification patents dating back more than 100 years.

He states:

Climate technology is the crown jewel of the military-industrial complex.

Climate engineering has been used to destabilize and overthrow countries around the world, enabling military occupations by hostile countries, such as the US.

The invisible danger of nanoparticles

How small is nano

Image of .


Health Impact News  has been reporting on the dangers of nanotechnology and human health since 2017, when John Thomas, investigative journalist of health impact news, published a two-part series on the subject.

Nanotoxicity: are nanoparticles in food and our environment the new health epidemic?

German doctor links nano-aluminum, glyphosate and parasites to chronic diseases - develops cure protocol

dr. Dietrich Klinghardt 2

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt from Sophia Health Institute.


The German physician mentioned in the second article (I encourage everyone to read BOTH articles) is Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt of the Sophia Health Institute, who is also interviewed and included in  The Dimming , by

Dr. Klinghardt explains how the nano-aluminum poisoning affects our health, especially when combined with other toxins in our environment, such as the herbicide glyphosate, which is in most of our food, and with microwave radiation from smart meters, cell phones, Wi-Fi. -Fi. -Fi routers and cell towers (which are now upgrading to 5G.)

According to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, the ingredients of the persistent contrail formula sprayed into the upper atmosphere by jet aircraft contain aluminum nanoparticles (in various forms) along with barium, strontium, mercury, plastic and several other ingredients. Even viable Lyme disease cysts and other biological agents have been found in nanoparticle dust that falls from the sky.

Dr. Klinghardt has contributed significantly to the understanding of metal toxicity and its connection to chronic infections, chronic illness and pain. He was instrumental in advancing various fields of biological medicine and regularly sees patients at the Sophia Health Institute in Washington State and its German clinic.

In Germany, his knowledge of modern diseases and methods of assessing and treating modern chronic diseases are used by XNUMX doctors.

Dr. Klinghardt identifies two powerful factors devastating Americans' health. They are environmental toxicity from the interaction of various toxic metals and glyphosate, and environmental exposure to electromagnetic frequency radiation from technology that uses microwaves.

And now, with the introduction of the experimental COVID vaccines, which contain lipid nanoparticles for the first time, we have the added burden of wondering how these lipid nanoparticles will affect humans, beyond the concerns about mRNA protein spikes.

Lipid Nanoparticles - Where Do They Go and What Do They Do?

One of the biggest problems Dr. Klinghardt in his practice found when we interviewed him in 2017 was that there were very few labs in the world that could even measure and detect nano-aluminum.

But in explosive film images in  The Dimming Dane Wigington was able to purchase a NOAA flight lab to collect high-altitude air samples to confirm that these nanoparticles exist in our atmosphere, and match samples taken from ground precipitation.

These are MUST-SEE film images!

Those who argue that we need to fix global warming are the ones who are causing it

“Global warming” is clearly real, as we see its effects all around us, but the cause of this planet's collapse is one of the greatest cover-ups in the history of the human race.

Wigington Details:

Governments around the world and the entire climate science community are urgently telling the population that climate engineering operations, solar radiation management operations, must be deployed immediately to try to reduce global warming, to try to conserve what is left of it . life support systems.

And yet, when the public, those who are awake, try to bring to the attention of academia and elected officials that we are already seeing climate engineering happening in our skies around the world, it's already set in.

Laboratory tests prove it, footage proves it, documents prove it - and yet we have the constant denial from the climate science community and official bodies telling us that we don't really see what we see in the sky.

They tell us that if climate technology was deployed, it would look exactly what we see in our sky, but again, they tell us we don't really see what we actually see.

The paradox is that the more the climate engineers spray the planet, destroy the ozone layer, disrupt the hydrological cycle, and increase the global warming of the planet, the more they feel they need to ramp up these programs to try and mitigate some of the damage. limit. that these programs caused in the first place.

That is the true definition of insanity.

These operations must be regarded as the most insane endeavor ever undertaken by mankind.

These operations systematically derail all life support systems on Earth .

In an effort to obliterate the sun, the short-term myopic goal of trying to cool the planet while exacerbating overall warming.

The climate engineers, if these operations are allowed to continue, we will be driving our collective coffins.

If the climate engineering operations derailing Earth's life support systems are not immediately uncovered and stopped, all other challenges facing humanity become contentious, as the planet will no longer and can no longer support life.

Those who fund the myth and capitalize on the myth that global warming is a man-made problem that the government and Wall Street must now solve are household names, such as  Bill Gates .

By blaming global warming on the population, rather than the globalists themselves, it is easy to see how the globalists want to come in and control every aspect of our lives, all in the name of 'saving the world' .

This is what is behind many of the plans for the future of the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the Rockefeller Foundation, etc.

Apparently, however, their goals of abolishing human rights and taking over the planet in the name of stopping global warming were not progressing fast enough, so as we now know all too well, the  Planemia  implemented in early 2020, and now fear of “the virus” has greatly accelerated their plans, as people of all political ideologies have in fact freely given up their freedoms in exchange for false protection against a eugenically oriented new class of products, the COVID “vaccines. ", That  aren't even really vaccines. all the way , but a human operating system that ' the software of life ' .

The whole false story of "global warming" has in fact been a "left / liberal" idea that divided people according to political ideologies, but the fear of the virus crossed ideological lines so successfully that tyranny has now progressed much faster. .

How can we stop this? Transparency is necessary to communicate their plans

How can we stop this madness before the planet can no longer survive, which may be just a few years away?

That's the focus of this movie,  The Dimming . First of all, make sure to watch this movie yourself so that you can get acquainted with this topic. Then share it widely so people can understand what is happening in the skies above us that is destroying our health and destroying our planet.

Wigington Details:

If populations around the world discover what has been done to them by their governments without their knowledge or consent, there will be a shock wave around the world that cannot be contained by the criminal governments that have now taken control of our planet and civilizations. all over the world.

Catherine Austin Fitts, interviewed in  The Dimming , says:

What we look at financially is much of the public policy that is promoted based on the theory that we have climate change. And yet in that discussion we never talk about, what is all that spraying, and how is that involved.

By engineering the weather, droughts can be overcome or prevented. It gives the opportunity to impose them if someone does not agree.

And the brilliance of inflicting an artificial drought is that there is no resistance or criticism of those at all.

So this kind of invisible warfare, if it can be done, is very effective.

By providing transparency, so many things are exposed that weather engineering (weather manipulation) becomes difficult and with it the possible attacks and threats.

Because you cannot control an entire planet openly, only in secret.

If we reveal everything about who and how they secretly try to control the planet, that will change a lot . ...

This is a MUCH bigger problem than even the COVID problem.

And while the rollout of the COVID DNA-altering vaccines is the most immediate threat to humanity, and in the near future our main focus here at Health Impact News will continue, for those of us who successfully manage not to be injected with the experimental “Vaccine” and their human operating system, then there is this “climate engineering” threat that we are dealing with.

Because if this is exposed, we will all die along with our planet.

Watch the full documentary,  The Dimming . This is probably the most important movie to be produced in 2021.

Without Nl subtitles, perhaps with enough enthusiasm that we have this done for the time being.


The climate confesses.

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