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German ARD acknowledges: mass hysteria partly due to the media (NL subtitles)

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A critical report on corona from the end of 2020 from ARD, Das Erste. One of the largest mainstream media in Germany.

A number of people asked if we still had the videos. In this article, the videos were removed because we were still posting them via YouTube at the time. But it should come as no surprise that YouTube removed us.

Here's the broadcast again and at the bottom of this article a critical fragment of ARD. 

People are badly deceived


We already heard noises and received emails with the message that ARD Das Erste, one of the largest mainstream media in Germany (Germany 1 in the past popularly) admits that the media is wrong in creating daily fear in German living rooms by staying screens with high “infection rates” and harassing people via all German media from early morning until late at night with corona numbers.

At first we thought that there might be a small nuance to the form of reporting of this channel, or a report that might be a bit less hysterical about this numerical minivirus with a mortality rate of about 0,13% ( although we continue to argue that it is really still MUCH and MUCH lower because one measures with 2 measures.For example, a different model is used for influenza than for corona to calculate the mortality rate. source)

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But much to our surprise, here in the ARD documentary, it is admitted that the media is the main culprit of mass hysteria. Not the virus itself. No one denies the virus (although as far as we know the virus is still not isolated).

It seemed like we were watching a video of ourselves. But the video below is really a broadcast from ARD Das Erste, only subtitled by us.

The German Das Erste (ARD) shows a report in which we actually admits that the media, and especially the media, have contributed to our being in this total mass hysteria. A situation where everyone seems to have lost their sanity.

The flatline of the number of hospital admissions is shown (the line that represents the number of deaths no longer fits below it, so low) it is admitted that displaying numbers of “infections” deliberately creates a fear image and that the numbers are without context are being displayed.

Red line is: Number of hospital admissions

Something we have been trying since March to get people out of their fears and use their reason. It had really been clear for months.


In Germany, people are bombarded with headlines and reports like this:

2.500 new infections per day!
Number of infections continues to increase!
Millions of people will be infected this year!

Anyway, exactly like in the Netherlands. In larger countries it is even easier to manipulate the population because of the number of inhabitants. Logical, but unfortunately (as we have learned in recent months) that does not get through to a large part of the viewers.

Brazil is the greatest example. The President is quite right, shall we say, and he forbade the media to count the dead daily for the exact same reasons discussed in this report.

But so the Western media did bombard Brazil as the biggest failure, with President Jair Bolsonaro as the culprit, of course. But the man was and is right. You DO NOT DO this as a media. Are you doing it? Then you attack your own countrymen by waging a psychological warfare together with the established order.

"27.000 new infections in Brazil!" "Another 12.000 dead in Brazil!", we were disgusted:

Because what was not mentioned is that Brazil has 210.000.000 (210 million) inhabitants. More than a quarter of all of Europe. Brazil is doing better than Belgium and Spain per million inhabitants. And there too… a very good 90% of the victims died WITH and not ON corona and had an average age of 81 years. (source). Simple numbers. Half the world's population falls for it.


In this broadcast / reportage experts became experts, but now different experts than the regular clique of people that every country has with models and meaningless numbers to scare the population. Experts by experience were interviewed and were actually allowed to speak freely.

And that is unique in these times of total madness. What's behind that? (Unfortunately we have learned that almost nothing happens by accident) We don't know. Perhaps people notice that public opinion is tilting? Maybe people choose to be on the right side of history after all? Maybe nothing?

The fact is that this broadcast, and those that will follow, are extremely important to public opinion in Germany and that will spread like an oil slick, we hope.

“You start with corona numbers in the morning and you go to bed with it!”, says Andreas Gassen.

Professor Thorsten Bauer is the head of a lung clinic in Berlin. The Covid19 department has been completely shut down for 2 weeks as is the case in many German hospitals, according to the commentator. Bauer thinks it is so pointless to report "infections" or "positive PCR tests" via the media. It does more harm than good. In fact, we think it's the biggest cause of the total madness we live in.

“I would rather have seen the number of hospital admissions offset this. Because tested positive does not mean sick. ”

“20.000 new infections per day. At first, that sounds like an apocalypse, these enormous numbers. But it shouldn't scare us because a milder course or a course without symptoms doesn't contribute much to the infection history. ”

In Germany, the country of 83 million PlayerIn this year (83.000.000) only 447 infected (older) people are in the ICU.

"It should be known that in Germany between 16.000 and 20.000 people die every week."

Good. Watch the report about the corona madness and the media deception broadcast by NPO1's half-brother here. The German Das Erste (ARD)

Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge? Would you like to take a look? It is subtitled in Dutch so even Mark can follow it.

We are really getting dead and sick of so many people who just dismiss this as Fakenews and cutting work. By mail. On Twitter. On Youtube. Apparently part of the Netherlands is enjoying the oppression? We do not spread fake news! Can we be wrong? Yes, we are all human and then that will be extensively rectified but it hardly ever happened. An example for the mainstream media.

We were accused of fake news from all sides and FACEBOOK FACTCHECKERS is restricting our account even more, this would be fake news.

Here the episode where the fragment comes from:

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Another report from ARD with criticism of the corona policy.


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