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Get ready for fall and winter….

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They have a lot in store for us again.

We predicted it a long time ago, they will never stop with this terror. At best it's just a power game for them, maybe there's a lot more to it.

The German RIVM has prepared the plans for the autumn and winter. And you will of course understand that mark and hugo will not be left behind or give in.

Many thanks to I use their Dutch translation of the original German report, which describes in detail what we can expect.

Read it, I don't need to comment much further. Except for something very remarkable: It is implicitly admitted that the vaccines don't work. Everyone has to take it, the pressure is mounting. And for everyone who had already had 2 injected: The third is ready. That is not news to us either, but it is a sensation to hear it from an official source. Yesterday in the Pfizer document, today from the RKI.




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Spread the freedom!

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