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Get the black Piet

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Dear readers,

This old proverb nowadays appeals to the imagination, just as the black Piet praises, the idea behind it is to get the blame or blame someone.

Immediately we link this to a traditional children's party which is still a few months away, but the mood of adults is already starting to rise again.
It is possible that sweets are already available at the supermarkets, but that will not keep the necessary people sweet, they are already verbally attacking each other, while the steamboat is still in

Spain is on the chain, while other ships tend to provide the West with less dark people.

Actually, this is all deeply sad, that organizations have emerged of adults, to want to thoroughly ruin this traditional children's party, the “Gray Age”, even wanted to go so far
that they wanted to shoot Saint Nicholas publicly in the head, so that there would no longer be any doubt that the good saint would be dead and this feast would end forever.
had arrived, even the brain, according to the morbid brain of this organization, were allowed to end up on the children.
Kick out Zwarte Piet, is not much better, they disrupted the entry and even made small children cry, we cannot even pick up these people prematurely this year

and fix it, so that this time they cannot spoil the entry for the children?

The Surinamese Sylvana Simons, who is immensely involved in the history of slavery, arouses certain feelings among the population through her actions, which
had disappeared and yes, if people send her threatening letters or hate emails, can she still show that the Dutch population is racist?
She lives here in the Netherlands in complete freedom, but here defies the population with the past of distant ancestors, tries to talk to us about a debt complex and supports
peasant-bearing women, because she thinks we should tolerate this in our open society!
That these peasant women want to impose their culture and form a parallel society within ours and do not wish to adapt to our open society,

is something that has not yet completely penetrated her cherry kernel and that there is an ideology behind it, that suppresses and does not shun murder, she has apparently long since forgotten.

Now I want to state that Sylvana Simons, with all her controversial activity, is not a reflection of Dutch people living here in the Netherlands.
Surinamese, as a political party, she did not even pass the electoral threshold for the House of Representatives, and she won 1 seat for the Amsterdam municipal elections.
If we look at who its voters are, then they are more people who suffer from a talked-about colonial debt complex than people with an immigrant background.

Unfortunately, this is more common in this morbid spirit of the present and people in particular are very sensitive to this in large cities such as Amsterdam.

Then Jerry Afryie, if there is one thing that I hate terribly, then it is the economic refugee, when someone flees from his own body preservation, I have all understanding there
before, that is the political refugees, Afshin Ellian once fled from Iran for his life, went to study here and made a career that sounds like a clock.

Prof. Dr. A. Ellian is professor of Encyclopedia of Legal Science.

That is quite different if Jerry Afryie, who came from Ghana, a country where there is no war, but yes it must have been an error, otherwise there is no explanation whatsoever for it
what grounds this person received a residence status here, he was literally assigned everything here, except for the black Piet, he received a house, money, status, care and even for free here

a training to be a security guard, many native Dutch people on social assistance benefits can only dream of this.

But of course not for Jerry Afryie, who did not want to go to work at all, who wanted free money, who wanted to become a professional demonstrator and poet, so yes, that is why he bit his hand
feed him, but instead of sending this parasite back to the country of origin, they tolerate such behavior, but what do you want with people like Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg.
Apparently he also hates his own first name, because Pieter is an extension of Piet!
This is also the Netherlands of today, fortunately there have been the blocking of Frisians, who gave a very clear signal, not coming to Sinterklaas and black Piet, what our

could not appreciate the judicial process at all.

I really hope that people will now realize that clothing and black make-up have absolutely nothing to do with racism, that those groups of wheel turners, who have a traditional
want to disturb a children's party with power and power, now get a black Pete assigned, whether they go in the bag or in the container, that will be a sausage to me, but keep these idiots away
our children's party, if necessary put them in the cell on water and pepper or> powder nuts, <(which must of course be herb nuts) but with this I want to indicate that they have all their powder because of this

faded, it is about time that tolerance is stopped and that enforcement becomes normal again!

Chris Collard

Spread the freedom!

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