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Gideon van Meijeren (FvD) noticed by worldwide media

Wake up Sky News!

Gideon van Meijeren, of the Forum for Democracy, has attracted the attention of various media such as Sky News due to his magnificent way of explaining what is going on at the moment.

Fortunately, a number of presenters do not mince their words.

Rowan Dean

“floppy” political leaders who give in to the global elites and then pretend they have no idea what they are signing their people for,“lie to the globalist elites or they lie to us”, said Rowan Dean, Sky News host.

Rowan Dean
Rowan Dean

Rowan Dean is one of them and he made a contribution about our own Gideon van Meijeren of the FVD. The man has become world news because of his simple calm explanation of the situation that no politicians can compete with. Only answers without substantiation, turning your back as a minister being the young one and dismissing it for the assholes as "conspiracy thinking". But the people are not crazy. Gideon speaks logic. Gideon explains time and time again, step by step, how the fork is in the stem and is not intimidated. A nightmare for the lying elite.

But you guessed it. The video SkyNews posted was CENSORED by the criminal organization YouTube.

But we still have the images and texts-

Here are the images:



Download video? Just log in and the download button will appear.

Tucker Carlson

The awful FOX News also highlights important points, especially Tucker Carlson, but far too little in my view and he talks with the brakes on. That is clearly noticeable.

This is all world news and it should be presented as such. Day in day out.

Imagine: mRNA vaccine inventor says “STOP!”. That is world news to which the population is entitled. One should be flooded with this and real journalists should put on top of that because this can save humanity!


And that's just one of the daily bombshells.

No, we have to listen to the whining of van Dissel and Intsagramheld Gommers.

I know Tucker from many lectures. That man is extremely intelligent and knows exactly what is going on here. The lie has never been greater, but neither has the exposure.

Then why is he talking with the brake on? That might be a rhetorical question,

He sees it damn well and we'd love to see millions of people get that, day in, day out, from the largest US MSM and other media outlets worldwide.

#regret vaccine


Here's what our friends at NineforNews are writing about it:

The unmasking of Prime Minister Rutte by Gideon van Meijeren (FVD) was completely concealed by the Dutch mainstream media, but was picked up by Sky News Australia. Spineless political leaders who talk to the world elites and pretend they have no idea what they are getting their people into are either lying to the world elites or to us, said Sky News presenter Rowan Dean.

Van Meijeren confronted the prime minister about his ties to Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and the Great reset. Rutte initially denied that he had read Schwab's book 'Covid-19: The Great Reset', but then Van Meijeren pulled out a letter in which the prime minister wrote that the book had "inspired him to rebuild better."

Rutte then told the FVD MP that he had not read the book and had sent the letter 'out of courtesy'. Dean found Van Meijeren's reaction hilarious: "So the prime minister says he didn't lie to me, but to Mr. Schwab."

Perfect metaphor

“What a perfect metaphor. mark rutte, like all other spineless, center-right, modern liberals, talks to the world elites and pretends he has no idea what he's getting us into. As Van Meijeren pointed out: these weak politicians are either lying to the world elites or to us.” said Dean.

"Magnificent! Gideon van Meijeren of Forum for Democracy is gaining worldwide fame with his impressive unmasking of arch-liar Rutte in the Dutch parliament.” tweets Percolator.

Van Meijeren himself says:

YouTube Censorship

Sky News Australia mag no videos for a week on YouTube for spreading 'misinformation about corona'. Normally, the Australian channel posts dozens of videos a day on YouTube, but no video has appeared on the channel for several days now.

Good sign. This is only becoming more and more counterproductive and people are getting sick and tired of YouTube, Facebook and the rest of the big tech criminals.

The more they censor, the more coercion they try, the crazier the measures get, and the more hilarious this B-movie gets, the more resistance there will be to these monsters who have overplayed their card, thinking that only 2% of the population has a brain and is able to think for himself and wants to seek the truth. wrong. The day these people hang will come.

Here on CommonSenseTV we are going to run a campaign and hope that many viewers will adopt what we do. Free yourself from Chrome, Google, and be smart about social media and protect yourself. We also want to be completely “clean” from the core and not waste any ideal. Don't collect commissions from big tech or companies we oppose. But more on this soon.


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