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Gideon van Meijeren mercilessly exposes media corruption

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Gideon van Meijeren mercilessly exposes media corruption:


Entire room furious.

For decades, the Dutch media have no longer been the critical watchdog against power, but the main pillar of the party cartel. Gideon van Meijeren mercilessly exposes this corruption and speaks out for the truly free press. The whole Chamber is enraged. Vera Bergkamp even denies him the floor. At this time, fundamental rights are increasingly curtailed. Now there is also a restriction on what a democratically elected representative of the people can and cannot say in the plenary hall of the House of Representatives. But FVD will always speak the truth!



00:25 Are journalists scum off the ledge?

03:00 FVD does not spread disinformation

03:58 Don't take the vaccines!

06:00 Left-wing journalists

09:25 Chills down the spine!

12:45 Protecting journalists

14:50 For the first time since World War II…

18:05 Chamber chairman denies Gideon van Meijeren the floor!

20:02 Played indignation

21:20 Does our democracy still exist?


Why does MSM even exist?

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