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Gilead sucks blood from corona patients out from under their nails

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Eight members of the National Health Institute (NIH) appear to have financial ties to GILEAD.

Gilead suddenly comes up with a very expensive alternative to hydoxychloroquine.

These financial ties from NIH to Gilead are especially alarming as Gilead holds shares of Bill Gates's Moderna vaccine.


Doctor Fauci from NIAID who strongly opposed is against the use of hydroxychloroquine as a corona remedy, research on the virus sponsored at the Institute of Virology in Wuhan.

Anthony Fauci is also part of the NIH.

Experts working at the NIH Expert Corona Virus Treatment Panel provide Gilead with researchadvice and fees.


Some of these panel experts are also affiliated with Merck and INOVIO Pharmaceuticals who $9.000.000 from Bill Gates to develop a corona vaccine.

Gilead, as expected, has pushed its prices up sharply with a view to THE UPCOMING SECOND WAVE.

Gilead charges hospitals between $ 3.120 and $ 5.720 per patient for Remdesivir:

the cheap alternative which, like hydroxychloroquine, has been touted by Trump as a successful corona drug.


Remdesivir's production costs are actually only $ 10 dollars per person.

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