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Recently I have a article written about my father's fake death registry.

Died of cardiac arrest, registered as a covid-19 patient.

In this article, I'm going to take you on a trip around the world to find out if it's an incident, what happened to my father's registry, or if these kinds of criminal practices are more common.

But first this:

Last week I had intensive contact with the funeral director / entrepreneur. His statement was striking that he had not arranged more funerals in the past year than in other years. It can vary from week to week, he told me, but all year round there was no more demand than usual. It was also remarkable that this funeral company does not think the whole covid-19 event is so special compared to influenza. He himself contracted a serious flu a few years ago and was therefore in the ICU for a long time and then had to undergo a lengthy recovery process.

(We sometimes speak of 'the flu' but in reality the flu can be a very serious illness for some people and on average it kills between 500.000 and 600.000 people every year. That did not happen last year. Influenza has disappeared from the face of the earth. the WHO is this because of the corona measures, so that the virus no longer spreads. Why the corona virus does spread, well, the WHO prefers not to comment on that)

It was also remarkable that this funeral entrepreneur thought the masks were nonsense and when he realized that we are not brainwashed slaughter lambs either, our contacts have always taken place without a muzzle.


I apologize in advance for the length of this article, but:

The fraudulent registration of my father's death is just the wafer-thin top layer of the tip of a gigantic iceberg of fraud concerning the registration of corona patients and deaths.

Below you will find my adaptation and translation based on an article by Stop World Control, with many examples, worldwide, of the number falsification in this planemic in the past year.

Read and shudder:

It's hard to believe that such a large-scale corona deception could take place worldwide, but the evidence is all here. Thousands of doctors, nurses and patients around the world testify to completely false covid registrations. Funeral directors confirm numerous false death certificates, employees of media companies confirm the censorship and forgery that is taking place on a large scale.

Murder in New York

New York was the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the heart of New York is the famous Elmhurst Hospital where more people are said to have died from this virus than anywhere else in the world.

It was literally the epicenter at the epicenter of the pandemic.

For this reason, an experienced Florida nurse, Erin Olszewski, decided to go there to help with the crisis. However, what she saw in this world-famous hospital filled her with so much horror that she decided to bring a hidden camera to film what was going on.

“Patients who repeatedly tested negative for covid-19 are still registered as 'confirmed covid-19' and treated as such. They get a gas mask in a covid ward… and they die ”.

In a revealing documentary from Journeyman Pictures (footnote 1), this nurse talks about the crimes she constantly sees happening in Elmhurst. She shows on her smartphone how a patient indeed tested negative twice for covid-19… and yet was registered as' confirmed 'covid-19'.

She explains that this is happening all the time in Elmhurst: cheating and murder resulting in high covid-19 death rates being trumpeted.

“People come in with respiratory problems out of fear, because everyone is afraid. They have tested negative for covid, but are still put on a ventilator, causing them to die. ”




Patients are being murdered

A similar testimony comes from an initially anonymous nurse in another hospital in New York. This woman cries out in sheer despair at the murders she constantly sees happening in her department.

Every time she said something about it, she was moved to a different department.

All her attempts to go to official authorities proved fruitless. She ended up making a video that she shared on the internet which unfortunately got deleted by youtube.

“Folks, I'm not stupid. I know people are dying from Covid, but people are literally being killed here. Yes, because putting someone with a stable heart rate of 40 on the defibrillator is murder. And if you put the pressure on too much and inflate their lungs from the inside, that's murder. “


Orders from above

On Facebook, a video was viewed four million times in which Lena Kay tells how her father died of Alzheimer's disease.

(see footnote 2)

When they received the death certificate, they were surprised to find that it contained covid-19. She wanted to have this incorrect information corrected and contacted the doctor. His answer was shocking:

“Orders from above by the National Health Service. Anyone who dies during this period must be registered as covid-19. ”

A friend of her family died of heart disease at the same time. His death certificate also listed covid-19. His relatives were furious and called their GP, who gave the exact same troubling answer:

"Orders from above, we have to put covid-19 on every death certificate." The doctor acknowledged that they are under great pressure to do this.

Hospitals commit fraud

Thousands of people around the world testify how false Covid registrations are made in hospitals and medical centers. Patients tell how they went to hospital for a heart attack, a traffic accident, a painful fall or a stroke, for example. Without taking a test, the medical staff immediately registered them as covid-19 patients. Someone on Facebook started sharing testimonials like this and became a hotline for countless fake Covid registrations. The nursing staff confirms this fraud. Here are some examples from the hundreds of testimonials:

“The grandmother of an acquaintance of mine died. She was called a covid death, although covid had nothing to do with it ”. - Brian Parker

“I personally know two people - one died of a pulmonary embolism and the other died of old age. Death certificates said covid19. That surprised me, because it just wasn't true! ” - Leah-Marie Stephens

“I fill out hundreds of death certificates. He is 100% right. The guidelines sent to us are to always list covid-19 as the cause of death ”. Jessica Littleton

“Kidney nurse here, I can vouch for this. I've seen it happen. All deaths, except fatal shootings or fatal car accidents, are on the Covid19 deaths list ”. - Jennifer Combs Allen


All over the world, people testify about false covid registrations in hospitals, nursing homes, medical centers, family doctors, etc.

The numbers are being blown up to create global panic.


Funeral directors:

Project Veritas journalists called several funeral directors. They revealed that all death certificates state that covid-19 is the cause of death when it is not.

These are some of the statements made by funeral directors:

“They put covid-19 on her death certificate. Then a judge called the hospital and an independent investigation was conducted. And bingo, not covid-19 ”.  Josephine Dimiceli, Chairman Dimiceli & Sons Funeral Home

“In my opinion they only fill in the statistics. People who did not have Covid-19 are added. That's how you make the death rate in New York much higher than it should be ”.  JOSEPH ANTIOCO, DIRECTOR SCHÄFFER FUNERAL HOME

(see footnote 3)

Fake covid hospitals in Brazil

A member of the Brazilian government broke into a campaign hospital set up to treat large numbers of Covid patients. He and his security team were not allowed to enter the hospital, but they entered it. They filmed everything and showed that the hospital is a scam, with hardly anyone present. There were coffins that supposedly contained dead covid patients, but when opened they were found to be empty.

(see footnote 4)

However, this hospital reported alarming Covid numbers: 5.000 covid patients and 200 deaths. It turned out to be 100% fraud.

Anhembi Action Hospital was also unexpectedly checked in São Paulo. The whole building also turned out to be largely empty

(see photo above).

But they put out dramatic covid numbers.

The Brazilian president has called on his people to film the hospitals and denounce this large-scale deception. In an interview he stated:

"People will soon see that they have been misled by these governors and by most of the media when it comes to the coronavirus."



Lots of money for covid registrations

Dr. Scott Jensen, who is also a Minnesota state senator, said in an interview with Fox News:

Hospitals receive a whopping $ 13.900 for every patient they register as covid-19. For every death from Covid-19, that amount is more than doubled - $ 30.900! No testing is necessary… ”

The result is absurdly inaccurate covid-19 numbers, which are spread by the media across the country.

“Hospitals get a lot of money for every covid-19 registration. No testing required. The result is massive covid number fraud. ”


CBC feigns a covid test audience

The Canadian news agency CBC has made a program about a covid testing center. However, few people seemed to register for the test, indicating a low rate of infections.

CBC then instructed the medical staff to line up themselves and pretend they were all infected people who wanted to be tested.

Other staff had to drive their car around the test center all the time to create the illusion of large crowds. Project Veritas has video recordings and insider testimonials debunking this deception. These are some of their statements, which are on film:

"We knew the CBC was coming, but we had no idea we should be playing fake patients." - Medical staff member

"I think they just wanted it to look busy." - Medical staff member

The misleading footage was then shown by the CBC to their millions of viewers, who received the message that there are 'many infections' and that people wanted to be tested en masse. Total fraud!


Italian ambulators have stated that they were ordered to drive around town with sirens screeching. A friend of mine told me that her cousin, who is an ambulance driver in Serbia, was given exactly the same assignment. I myself have witnessed it several times in Lima, Peru. When I noticed that there were a lot of ambulances with sirens driving around and also on routes that were not logical (Circuit de Playas, always up and down again, for those who know Lima, no residential areas, no hospitals), I once followed a number of them on my motorcycle. And indeed, aimlessly driving around with howling sirens.

Covid counted twice in the UK

England's health services admitted last year that they double counted tens of thousands of covid-19 registrations. Yes, you read that right! In England, tens of thousands of covid-19 tests were double counted:

The Daily Mail reports on more than 19 readers who have informed the newspaper that covid-XNUMX has been incorrectly listed as the cause of death for their loved ones

Dailymail / Grieving-relatives-demand-inquiry-loved-ones-wrongly-certified-virus-victims



Texas madness

In the state of Texas, anyone with a headache or fever is now listed as covid19, and up to 15 people who have had contact with that person are added as a covid19 patient. That's how they create amazing numbers. It's insane ...

Shameless lies by the media

A photo of a boy was circulated by news agencies around the world, but with conflicting coverage. The Daily Mail claimed: "A 14-year-old Portuguese boy is Europe's youngest patient to have died of Corona." The same photo was circulated by the Daily Express with the text: 'A 12-year-old girl from Belgium dies of corona'. Another agency used the same photo and stated: 'A 13-year-old boy from England died of corona'.


The same thing happened with another photo of a boy who died in 2017 as a result of a dangerous 'suicide' game.

Three years later, his photo is used to claim in the mainstream media that he was the youngest victim of covid19 in England.

My daddy never died from this virus!

A girl was crying on the internet with a broken heart that her father had died of health problems he had had for a long time. To her surprise, she saw shortly afterwards media claim that her father had died of Covid-19. She is furious:

'My father never died from this virus! The media and the lying government and their fraud! He had health problems long before this even happened.

(How painfully recognizable)


The same images, different locations

CBS showed alarming news stories of refrigerated trucks used to transport large numbers of corpses in San Antonio, Texas. However, one viewer noted that the same footage had been used to tell the same story about New York City and New Jersey.

A photo of an Italian hospital was presented as that of a hospital in New York

The same news agency showed images of an alleged New York hospital full of dying corona patients, but those same images had previously been broadcast in Italy by Sky News showing that it was an Italian hospital.


Media Deception

These examples are just a sliver on top of a huge hidden iceberg. Unimaginably more is happening. The media is spreading lies to spread global panic. At the same time, they suppress effective and safe treatments for covid-19.

'This is a media epidemic'

That we are dealing with mass brainwashing by the media is confirmed by the world's leading virologist and flu specialist, Professor John Oxford of Queen Mary University in London.

“Personally I would say that the best advice is to watch less news on television that is sensational but not correct. I consider this covid outbreak to be a serious winter flu epidemic. Last year there were 65 deaths (in the UK) in this category, XNUMX% of whom had heart disease, and so on. I believe Covid will not exceed that number ”.


97% have never been tested

A leading newspaper in Belgium, De Tijd, discussed how the government announced that some three thousand elderly people have died from covid-19. Partly because of these figures, the entire country ended up in an extreme lockdown, with horrific destruction as a result. However, further research showed that only 3% of the deceased had been tested.

'It is becoming increasingly clear why Belgium has so many deaths. It counts and reports differently than other countries. That is the case. Our country does not only report the deaths of whom, after a corona test, it is 100 percent certain that the cause of death is Covid-19. Our country also includes in the statistics the deaths of people in the nursing homes who are only suspected of causing the death of Covid-19, as well as those who die at home.

The latest figures from the public health service show that only 63 of the 2.029 deaths in nursing homes were confirmed cases after a test (3%). The other 1.966 deaths, 97 percent, are suspected cases. It is unclear to most countries how they count and report.

3 percent
The latest figures from the public health service show that only 63 of the 2.029 deaths in nursing homes are confirmed corona deaths (3%).

This means that not 3.000 but only 90 elderly people had covid-19.

In Belgium too, 'premiums' are paid by the government for covid death registrations in the nursing homes.



'There is no deadly virus'

The respected German coroner Prof. Dr. Klaus Püschel investigated more than 140 corona deaths in Hamburg last year. He said on German TV that the hysteria surrounding the corona virus is heavily exaggerated. All the people who died had underlying conditions and would have died quickly anyway, with or without the virus, Püschel said, adding that there is no 'killer virus.' The professor from the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf stated:

"This may sound harsh, but they would all have died this year."

Eighty percent of the patients suffered from cardiovascular disease and the mean age was 80 years. Healthy people don't have to worry, says Püschel. The coroner also predicted that corona won't even cause a spike in the annual death rate.

“It is not a deadly virus that many will die from. This virus is also not necessarily a death sentence for the elderly and the sick. Most will survive the disease. ”

His video message has of course been removed from youtube.


Furious about lies

Italian politician Vittorio Sgarbi is outraged by the far-reaching covid-19 deceptions. He proclaimed in the Italian Chamber of Deputies:

“It is necessary to be united against dictatorships and to be united in the truth. Let's not make this a room of lies. Do not lie! Tell the truth."

“Don't say there are 25.000 dead. It's not true. Don't use the dead for rhetoric and terrorism. According to figures from the Higher Institute of Health, 96,3% have died of other diseases. “

His video has also been removed.


Media is bribed

The reality of widespread media deception was revealed by German journalist Udo Ulfkotte, who edited one of Europe's largest newspapers, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). He wrote the book 'Bought Journalists' in which he confesses how he and his colleagues were bribed for decades by American billionaires, the CIA, the German Secret Service and various shadow governments to write nothing but lies. In the video found under footnote 5, he makes the following confession:

“I was a journalist for 25 years. I've learned to lie, to betray, and never to tell the truth to the public. … I was bribed by American billionaires to report… not exactly the truth. ”


Google is brainwashing humanity

A major player in spreading false information and the plan to control humanity is the No. 1 source of information: Google. Recently, a senior software engineer from Google made some shocking revelations. After working for Google for eight years, Zach Vorhies could no longer live with his conscience. He made disgusting revelations about Google's mission. His statement essentially boils down to this:

“Google manipulates humanity by hiding certain information and imposing other information. Their mission is to "program humanity."


Zach Vorhies took the dangerous step of disclosing 950 pages of internal documents to demonstrate this strategy. (footnote 6)

Google has at least nine blacklists of thousands of websites that they intentionally hide from humanity. Google sent the police, a SWAT team, and an explosives team to intimidate him. Zach persisted and made the information known worldwide. This is one of the statements of this brave whistleblower:

“Google is not a source of objective information. They are a very one-sided indoctrination machine. Google's basic strategy is "programming people."


False 'fact checkers'

Google and media companies are now flooding the internet with so-called 'fact check' websites. These are supposed to expose fake news, but any researcher soon finds that it is just another means of misleading people.

Too often, the revealing truth is dismissed as 'fake news' and deception defended as 'fact'.

Not everything they write is wrong, of course, that would be too obvious. But the many fact-checking websites are essentially yet another means of Google and corrupt billionaires (who set up these websites) to hide the truth from humanity.

That is why Google places these websites at the top of the search results.

The gravity of this situation is that Google and the corrupt media are working closely with several Big Tech companies to censor humanity and only distribute a prescribed script. It is global control of the mind.


Eyewitnesses Censored By Fact Checkers:

Nelleke Bakker worked for 25 years at the Dutch Health Organization (RIVM) in the vaccination department. Years ago she gave an interview in which she talks about the many lies she has seen at the RIVM. A Facebook Fact Checker described that message as 'incorrect'. While it is her own 25 years of experience!

(see footnote 7)

A clear example of the corruption of 'Fact Checkers': an authentic eyewitness testimony is dismissed as 'incorrect'.


A Facebook insider Zach McElroy recently revealed what many already knew:

Facebook employs a large number of employees whose full-time job it is to censor content. (footnote 8)

"We are the ones who decide what can and cannot be said on Facebook"       Zach McElroy, Facebook insider.


2.500 doctors and experts:

"This is a worldwide crime!"

In Germany, the “Doctors for Information” association is supported by more than 2.500 doctors, scientists and top professionals. At a press conference, their spokesman Dr. Heiko Schoning:

“The measures we all experience have nothing to do with suppressing the virus. So… who are actually being oppressed here? ”

“The Corona panic is a play. It's a scam. A Scam. It is high time we realized that we are in the midst of a global crime ”.

Hundreds of Spanish doctors say the pandemic is planned

The German doctors are not alone in saying that the pandemic is a "global crime." In Spain, a group of 600 doctors called 'Doctors for Truth' made a similar statement at a press conference.

Covid-19 is a false pandemic created for political ends. This is a world dictatorship with a sanitary excuse. We urge doctors, the media, and political authorities to stop this criminal operation by spreading the truth. “


Note 1:


Note 2:


Note 3:


Note 4:

EMPTY COFFINS - EMPTY HOSPITAL - Brazilian MPs Expose Biggest Covid-19 Hoax Known to Date


Note 5:

Note 6:

Note 7:

Note 8:


And also read this impressive summary by Sande Burger:

No conspiracy thoughts but facts (guest blog)

And the complaint against Dr. Van R for forgery:

My father passed away. Another covid dead? Or not?


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