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Globalists among themselves: Von der Leyen believes in Timmermans

Ursula Von der Leyen, the unelected committee chairman, said last Wednesday that she and her team will give the green light to Frans Timmermans to win the Green Deal.

“The fight against climate change is an existential issue for the new European Commission. A 'Green Deal' to make Europe climate neutral by 2050 is therefore desperately needed and “Frans Timmermans is the right person to get this done”. (source)

This photo was taken an hour ago from the climate-neutral couple.








When the German dangerous globalist Von der Leyen announced this, she could count on applause from the Europhiles and globalists.

Ursula reiterated the forest fires, drought and floods that “ravage Europe more intensely than before”.

“The Green Deal is our new growth strategy that will create new jobs, technologies, cleaner energy, fewer emissions and global standards. This requires MASSIVE investments! ”

Oh yes, and of course the steady end to this kind of crazy statement to withhold approval of the sheep among the population:

"All this for the benefit of the citizens!" 


Here we see again who that good friend of Mark Rutte and the VVD is. She is in the same Renew Europe (formerly ALDE).

This is where Europe is going! Listen well VVD people and the rest of the Netherlands:

Frans can therefore push the so-called Green Deal through. Plans that make Western Europe the laughing stock of the world for the wet dream of a number of globalists.

In addition to that, Timmermans also ensures that the flow of migrants to Europe continues. He visits the mayors of the big cities to give them money in exchange for the reception of migrants. That's how it works in Europe!

Timmermans and Soros - Omvolking in full swing!

Soros invited to Budapest for admission of migrants - Timmermans finishes the job

If you know what French has in store for Europe, then you can conclude that this person does not feel compassion or empathy for his fellow citizens in Europe. Deliberately bringing in proven risk groups on a large scale is a kind of genocide on your own population. 

All figures show that by bringing in this type of immigrant you sacrifice your own people's lives. Among every 1.000 migrants, there is an xxx percentage that is going to cost lives and an even larger percentage is going to have an enormous amount of money and misery for the host country.

That apart from all the other nasty lists that these migrants provide. And why should we do it? What do we need and what moral obligation do we have that all these insane leaders continue to encourage this?

Last week we wondered if Frans Timmermans is a psychopath or not. See that article and the video here:
Timmermans a psychopath?

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