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Mass demonstrations: “God, help us!”

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“God Help Us!”

On October 15, Italy became the first country to require the most workers, in virtually all industries, to undergo an unapproved and untested gene therapy or to be tested almost daily with a test that we believe may increase the price. (source) 

Do not confuse the actual gene therapy with a vaccine labeled as a covid vaccine by the media, politicians and pharmaceuticals, among others.

In a vaccine, the disease is injected. If this simple basic needs to be explained in a more nuanced way for whatever reason, I'd love to hear it.

First the shocking news and then a happy ending..

The world 2021

There has been a so-called pandemic that is not reflected in the figures. Which relatively no one notices in his or her environment. Only when someone in the family from the risk groups dies, people tend to think that covid is a very serious virus where any other cold virus would also have been fatal.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, justifies these measures. You know that now. So you also know it's about something else. About money, the big pharmaceuticals for example. It is impossible to imagine what is to be gained from this.

But it is mainly about power and control. The pawns (rutte, the young one) have a huge ego and think about their future. Hugo de Jonge was not put there because of his knowledge. He is nothing more than a schoolmaster. He's standing there because of his big ego and because he's a ruthless psychopath. Otherwise, you'll put someone with the right know-how there. A secure job awaits them after their political career.

What it is really about is complete control over humanity.

Schwab already announced in 2016 that we will go online. That man should have been arrested then, but the man is the face of the WEF.


If you do not participate in this experiment, which has already caused many fatalities and chronic complaints, you will be excluded. Then you can literally DIE OF HUNGER with your whole family. That is what it says and where it will lead in an increasingly compelling way. 

That will be the life of our children. Every effort is made to make them obey the system.

These were the vaccine death rates from over a week ago. The figures only concern the EU. The photo is EXTREMELY important. It kills people of all ages. Unlike "covid".



You are no longer in control of your own body.

Imagine. The biggest crime ever was officially rolled out in Italy on October 15 against a “pandemic” that is nowhere to be found except on television.

This is Italy now, but this is what all globalist neo-liberal governments, big tech and Silicon Valley want to do to our planet. Climate? Yes, but not in a logical way like innovation, but a revenue model based on inaccurate predictions that have been going on since the 60s.

Everyone is actually being obliged to give his or her body to the government without any scientific basis and without sincere warnings about the dangers of this vaccine and also the ignorance of what it does in the long run. It's an experiment and it clearly shows that no one cares about human life. Let it sink in what these people are doing. The miscarriages, the sick and the dead. They are real. But the media doesn't want to allow that perception, that truth, into your head.

You can't imagine this actually happening. It's even harder to imagine people allowing this to happen. Against all facts, logic and rationality, citizens still condone this greatest crime against humanity of all time. It all sounds so familiar, but don't make the comparison… As in Cor Pluym's piece.

What many people don't understand is that the comparison is about the 30s. The years before the war. How people, good people, eventually become the cause of a terrible disaster. You will be sent and they will make you hate other people. Look closely! It's already started.

Measures Italy

Anyone who stays away from work because he cannot show the document should take unpaid leave into account. Italy is the first European country to introduce the 3G rule for workers. The 3G rule does not mean “3x vaccinated” by the way.

In Italy, since October 15, only those who can demonstrate a corona vaccination, recovery or a negative corona test are allowed to come to work. Anyone who comes to work without the so-called green pass risks fines of up to 1500 euros.

If you do not want to be vaccinated, you will have to take a corona test at your own expense and repeat it every 48 to 72 hours, depending on the type of test. The tests cost 15 euros in Italy.

But the 3rd test is already coming. The booster shot. And the 43, and the 53 and the coivid tablets… Unreal how people let themselves be played with.

“Oh, but then it is not a vaccination requirement!”

No, you are being blackmailed and harassed. The naive people are turned against you. You will be locked out until you can no longer go anywhere. They do not oblige you, they use everything to let you inject this dangerous substance. That's actually worse. Why?

They say to their own citizens, “Find it out. If you and your family don't take the syringe, we will completely destroy your life and you will be locked out and you will always be at the back of the queue, if you are allowed to queue at all. You can already see that happening and you see it rolling out before your eyes. That's why people make the comparisons with back then. The 30s.

You are literally told by those in power: You obey or you will starve to death with your whole family if you don't listen to us and give your body to us.

Dangerous pandemic

Take a look around you and put your emotions aside? Is there a “dangerous pandemic”? The only thing that reminds you are the mouth caps and the absurd visible measures. If they weren't there, people could have a tendency to "go back to normal" and turn against the rules and perhaps against the government.

They create confusion. What has happened in many families is that older people have died with heart problems, cancer or other serious illnesses. But the cause was "covid19". Because the world leaders ignore all logic, there is such confusion that people can be talked into anything. Whatever the case may be. They will usually repeat neatly: Grandma died of "covid".

You can keep denying that there aren't many deaths and lying to yourself. They fall. In all age categories. No one is safe.

For corona yes. People under 70. The risk groups are the same as those of the flu. People over the age of 70 or people with respiratory diseases, for example, can die from it. Just like with all other flu strains. This list grows and again the people who warn are right.

The story has already been told.


The Italian people are not going to let it go. And it's a lot of people. Much more than the media dares to show.






Also in Switzerland, yes Switzerland, people flock to the streets. And how!


New York

Even the far left is awake.

“God help us!

In Quebec for the local government. A silent protest:

The good news? I can go on like this for hours.

Call me too optimistic. I truly believe that good will always win in the end with truth in hand.


Regular readers will (I hope) have missed me. I'm back after being in the background for several weeks. My partner and I are also affected by the corona measures and we have to arrange a number of things before certain laws come into effect here and it is too late. I now know what a burnout is. Not a buzzword for people who just want attention, as I always thought as a skeptic. It happens to you when you don't listen to your body.

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