God is on Earth: His name is Bill Gates

We're going to dim the sunlight!

The fact that there are hordes of people who see Bill Gates as a kind of benefactor who wants the best for humanity is a special phenomenon.

Our clumsy philanthropist has a new idea. He will dim the sun in order to cool the earth.

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This is not just an idea like it was about 20 years ago. Bill Gates is serious about setting this up big by investing in “Solar GeoEngineering”.

You would say that no sensible person takes part in that. But the influence of this man is so great that “scientists” from Harvard University are participating in this.

Tucker Carlson from Fox News reports (Dutch subtitles).


Does Gates have good intentions or is it a psychopath?

It seems Michael Shellenberger is also talking with the brakes on. He states that Bill Gates' intentions are good.

Since the founding of this channel, we have kept a close eye on Bill Gates' past actions. You may still think his intentions are good after reading the articles about Bill Gates at the bottom of this article, but probably not.

In addition to this disgusting project, Bill Gates, Mastercard and GAVI are launching the AI-powered “TRUST STAMP”. Read that here.

Such a Trust Stamp combines a vaccine and a digital biometric ID.

Mark Rutte booked 325.000.000 to GAVI on behalf of the Netherlands in June and reported this via a tune that was not even broadcast by the media. But by us. (source)



If you want to know more, read this article:


Here you can read more substantiated stories about the person Bill Gates:


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