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God or Beast?

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“Every person is a political animal that is naturally part of a political community. And who is unable to be part of a social community or does not need it because he is himself enough; is God or beast. ”

After which I come to ...
Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

Our politically slippery Prime Minister who, in times of crisis, tells us how to move, think and live to ward off this crisis.
Keeping an eye on the necessary figures.
You are in fifth gear.

(Please be careful ... In the age of five, the counter quickly goes above 100)

Lack of blind faith will be punished by restrictions on freedom.
Failure to follow Herr Rutte's coercive policy is ultimately punished with demonization and prosecution.
All this in the name of national security.

There is no guarantee that current suffocation measures will eventually disappear again.
There is no guarantee that this situation will not melt under the new politically reformed carpet of the tower.
Are we able to control the current oppressive emergency measures that may never again be completely inactive?

From our democratically bankrupt controlling political positions that you have imposed, we feel inclined to pull the emergency brake in this way.

You lifted a tip of your well-thought-out political veil.
You made a communicative mistake during a press conference.
Weakened by the estimate that nothing else would be raised from the carefully deployed left-wing fear-propagating media than the exciting summer blockbuster of 2020.

Covid-19… Coming out, Soon !!
Directed by… ???

Get some, there was a slightly critical lady who has the ability to look beyond your beautifully decorated Corona shop window.


Fortunately, you were able to keep the usual disrespectful laugh from this cautiously recurring criticism to you… for now.

The work on several ongoing files, delayed by the anthill, continues undisturbed.
Of course you cannot / should not respond to these outgoing signals.
Signs that hint that you feel empowered and happy because of the lack of resistance.
How much appreciation can you proudly receive from your European Vorarbeiters working at home?
Nice and fast, those video conferences.
Getting things done… today!

You are so energetic.

You do not respond to urgent social concerns.
Why would you comment on such points?
Politics that most of your employers (we) seem to support… Wasn't it?
How dare we sputter.

Why would you involve the voting cattle in files for which they have to pay the price?
After all, involvement is only a right from scale 4.
The neatly laid out Covid shop window will remain uncontested until the next political sale.

We will notice it automatically.
In freshly printed offenses that we can commit as soon as we step into our 100km / pu environmental killers.

Addressed as minors.
Our untouchable policy-pushing untouchables by hand-gesturing.
You lead the family through the most devastating evil threats of this generation.
Your calling is clear to you.
Or is it that addictively comfortable prime minister office?

Keep in mind that we, your children, keep a close eye on what you are doing with our house at the moment.
Quarantine, although not in its entirety as in neighboring countries.
Your herd may thank you, a little bit of freedom among you.
Don't forget to plan our internet freedoms soon?
I suggest you start overloading the grid.
We should be able to accept that.
Everything permitted for social security.
Freedom a step aside.
Thank you, Mister Rutte.

You can rest assured, as the upcoming comments from the stagnant opposition to your backroom policy are likely to fail in the room.
In the most unfavorable scenario for you, referring to those responsible outside our reach.

We will not forget Mister Rutte.
I suggest that you have had your longest time as Prime Minister.

Consider this a vote of no confidence.
I feel strengthened by the saying:
Where there's smoke, there is fire.
I leave hard evidence to the experts, a way of working from which you also get your inspiration.

I cannot make a more substantiated case, because you keep all the information for you.

Making your population third-rate.
The same population that is technically your employers.
It makes you irrelevant to the Dutch constrained voter.
You avoid all responsibility regarding your population.
Selling your political soul should hit you if it hadn't been for several years, buried and forgotten.
Your statements (if you do or may do them at all) have been proven to be of no value.

Ignoring clearly communicated concerns regarding future or perhaps current nitrogen and EU policies.

Your functional and moral obligations to keep the Dutch population informed in this regard have been completely ignored.

Failure to correct subordinate governments regarding requests for socially disruptive civil actions regarding controlled manners.
Enforcement out of enforcement.
Police deployed to oppress the population and to think different political opponents.

The word fascism regularly flashes in my head.
A word that is worth nothing, as the meaning has been renovated under your responsibility into a one-sided tool that can only be handled by your directly designated and gut employees.

Since the previous economic crisis, heavily accumulated personal materialistic wealth has evaporated under your restraining policy.
Fear and despair will strengthen your next election tactics.

You are a Populist in the making, from a different genre.
You taught us to ignore and condemn populism.
We will take your advice to heart without criticism.

Jaap Poldervaart

Spread the freedom!

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