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Good advice is expensive!

Good advice is expensive!

Perhaps the necessary readers will have already heard that Wouter Raatgever has been arrested in Groningen and that he is stuck in all restrictions.

Many column readers will also know that I am not particularly sorry about this, because I was simply horrified by the countless unfounded suspicions that Wouter Raatgever, Micha Kat, Hans Meyer and Joost Knevel regularly made.

Not so long ago it was Rypke Sailmaker also arrested, but they had to release him very soon, all due respect to this man, who is straight and is a worthy fighter for our freedoms.

Wouter has already been caught and it looks like Micha will soon set foot on Dutch soil again, these people may have more to fear from what they have achieved with Wees de Weerstand, Revolutionair Online and Red Pill Journal than those six months in prison, which are still open to Micah, on the necessary videos of this, the necessary accusations have been made, people were incited and so the necessary libel and slander against people has been clearly recorded by themselves, which are mainly based on assumptions.

So it could just be that people like a Jaap van Dissel, or a Joris Demmink or others will start a lawsuit against them.

This brings us to the inverted world, where these resistance fighters, who almost only operated from behind their PC, used copy paste from the internet themselves will now be discussed, which is of course very wry for their followers, but not inconceivable.

So a bomb has been placed under the Red Pill Journal, because a real Wouter Raatgever is not the tough guy he pretends to be, not the leader he wants to pass for, we already saw that last year, when his followers “Hugootje ” thought to get, a real leader had been present, but Wouter broke this promise and did not show himself there!

Well, real leaders don't become that through a leadership course, they stand up, such as a Rypke Zeilmaker or a Willem Engel, to name a few, beautiful names such as Avatar don't say much in the real world, which is very unfortunate is, that is that in principle Wouter had pretty good ideas, but as time went on, he started to become more and more extreme, the same goes for Micha Kat, because they started to blacken almost all opposition, now I don't expect that a Willem Engel will sue them, but from Blue Tiger studio, Café Weltschmerz, Jensen to Lange Frans, they regularly got the dung and the stamp controlled opposition.

That went so far that the necessary people started to hate them, they started harassing them on their sites and Micha Kat actually wanted to put an end to the Revolutionary Online, because for every positive reaction, there was almost always a negative one. to find a response.

Even Eric Donk, a former buddy of Micha Kat, doesn't have a good word for him anymore and has devoted a number of videos to Micha.

On JDTVHQ you can find a lot about Micha Kat, Eric who is an excellent cameraman, has the necessary footage, where Micha Kat is not exactly shown from his best side, but Eric is not the only one, watch this video agree and there are many more!


But now these people will not even sue a Wouter raatgever, nor a Mischa Kat, but what about the doctor from Bodegraven, or a Jaap van Dissel, who have literally been put away as murderers, or a Joris Demmink and really If the story of Joost Knevel are 100% true, the films made may still have a devastating effect on the people who made them and not on the GP, van Dissel and Demmink, also the extra security provided by Jaap van Dissel's award from the bottom, could just once be recovered from the two gentlemen, I don't see the Red Pill Journal getting through soon.

A Hans Meyer of course keeps a low profile, possibly that a Joost Knevel will knock on Johan Segers' door, but that there is panic in the shack, that may of course be very clear and actually I don't mind at all, because it started with Bodegraven , but in the meantime the entire coastal region from North to South Holland has been declared a pedo hunting area, a non-Christian festival, Walpurgisnacht, was renamed by Johan to a Satanist Party, which they were going to disrupt with a group of gullibles, but yes with the curfew there was of course little to party and of course no satanists / pedophiles were found, how do you make it up!

The video below of Faun Walpurgisnacht

Kind regards, Chris Collard.

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