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When one professional group plays a central role in the coronahoax, it is 'the concern'. Healthcare is such a sector that you end up in because you have made a conscious choice. A certain idealism will certainly play a role in this. You don't accidentally become a doctor or a nurse, right?

The regime puts forward concern as the intrepid saviors of lives who fearlessly engage in battle in the face of the enemy. The MSM reports about how hard they are, how busy they are, and they ask for water. And yes, especially the people in the workplace feel the extra pressure of all the greed for regulation as a result of the fear-mongering. In addition, every staff member with a cough is immediately at home, which increases the pressure even further. And yes, when you are really hit by the virus, no fun. No one will deny that. And yes, when you've got it right, it takes time to recover. But yes, is an acute hernia, double pneumonia, heart attack, serious car accident or a brain haemorrhage fun? And does that not take time to recover?

It is more than time to take a critical look at the role of healthcare. Because there too, the masses seamlessly follow the path mapped out by the regime.

How it starts? With toilet paper

Doctors, just like politicians and (police) officials, take an oath. Politicians and police on the Constitution, doctors take the Hippocratic oath. Named after an ancient Greek physician, that oath is actually a pledge that patients must be able to rely on; their interest comes first. It is also a moral obligation to observe certain professional rules.

The second paragraph states: "In the best judgment and ability, and for the sake of my sick, I will prescribe a rule of life for them and never harm anyone". KNMG and VSNU use a variant. It literally says: 'I put the patient's interests first and respect his views. I will not harm the patient. " (Source: Dutch doctor's oath, KNMG, click here..)

Family pack of toilet paper

Worldwide leading medical ethical rules of conduct can be found in the Declaration of Geneva (1948). It literally says: 'I will not allow considerations of age, illness or disability, beliefs or beliefs, ethnicity, gender, nationality, political affiliation, race, sexual orientation or social background to interfere with my duty to my patient. I will respect the respect for human life from the very beginning. And even under duress I will not use my medical knowledge in violation of humanitarian laws. '

A warehouse of toilet paper

The Helsinki Declaration was prepared by the World Medical Association. The Declaration, for the (English) text, click here. is about responsible medical scientific research, such as drug research. Here, too, the interests of the patient / test subject come first. The interest of the patient / subject weighs always outweighs the importance of the research. Furthermore, the research must be based on proven sound scientific principles. This includes going through closely defined test procedures and research into harmful side effects in the short and long term.

Finally, the validity of the investigation should be tested by committees that have no interest in the investigation themselves. About the 'vaccine', click for more info here., none of these principles has been followed.

Finally, there are the Nuremberg principles. When you are expected to commit crimes against humanity on the orders of superiors (or umbrella bodies), a moral choice lies before that order if it is at all possible not to obey.

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When the wind blows, my jacket blows

Whatever oath doctors take, whatever fundamental statement you take, the best interests of the patient, respect for the patient and not harming the patient are paramount.

But which doctor can say with good conscience that scaling down care will not harm his / her patients? Which doctor can maintain that he / she values ​​dissenters and respects their wishes? To be allowed to attend an audience, a dissenting person also has to squeeze in the most strange twists and turns such as waiting outside, keeping your distance, wearing a veil, etc., etc .. Why respect? Which doctor can uphold that no harm is caused to patients when politicians (sic!) Determine the treatment sequence of patients? With dry eyes, what doctor can allow politicians to sit in their seats and determine what is and what is not 'necessary care'? Which doctor can still look in the mirror when a not yet terminal diagnosis has been made, but the other half of the patient is not allowed to be present at the conversation because of 'the danger'? Which GP has more corona deaths in his / her practice than deaths from cancer and / or cardiovascular disease? Statistically, more than 54% die from one of those two. (Source: Statistics Netherlands - long-term average 2000-2019) Which GP sees fewer patients with harmful side effects of the measures than real corona patients? So (family) doctors, please report if those statements are incorrect.

The conclusion is clear. The way the vast majority of doctors act is in violation of every fundamental treaty, every oath. In that sense, they are no better than the constitutionally corrupting regime.

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Sticky red tape, red tape

When someone dies, a whole procedure starts laid down in the Declarations of Death Act. The doctor must personally determine the death and report it to the registry office. The cause of the death goes in a sealed envelope and via the Inspector of Public Health to, yes, Hugo de Jong (Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport). He decides whether or not that envelope goes directly to Statistics Netherlands. Whether that envelope will remain closed at the stopover is of course the question.

The Declaration of Death Act calls the death certificate but it appears to be a well-kept state secret. A blank Dutch death certificate with explanatory notes could not be found on the www.

There was an instruction about this on the CBS site. ARDS stands for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Three things stand out. (1) Covid, of course, occupies a very prominent place. (2) There is clear instruction when the cause is corona must to be. Alternative causes of ARDS are hardly mentioned, such as sepsis. This is a severe, widespread infection. Another cause could be smoke or chemical inhalation. Serious pneumonia is also one. Furthermore, severe trauma to the head, chest or elsewhere or inflammation of the pancreas, and so on, and so on. (Source: Mayo Clinic) Finally (3), bottom left under 2: 'Additional illnesses still existing at death and particulars that contributed to the death, but are not causally related to the illnesses mentioned under 1 (including corona). ' What does it actually say here? Well, suppose the deceased also had heart disease or was terminal with cancer. That is not directly related to corona. Then, according to this instruction, corona should be reported as the cause of death.

In short, CBS instructs doctors on behalf of the regime to commit forgery. You can read what that means here.. And so, with the willing cooperation of doctors, the regime is bureaucratic under the carpet of serious underlying conditions. Virus Truth has a much more extensive story with much more explanation. Click here.. The research they refer to is of deep concern. Concern about how carefully the form is completed at all.

If the doctor does not determine the cause of death himself, it will be determined by an institute designated by 'the executive council', read the regime. In practice, this is a municipal coroner. Who would instruct him / her?

In summary, the regime is abusing all kinds of possibilities to manipulate statistics. Statistics Netherlands is no more than a ventriloquist's dummy of the regime and consciously sends doctors in a certain direction with the instruction. And doctors, confidential counselors, let themselves be guided by bureaucrats and technocrats instead of carrying out their work according to oath, honor and conscience.

They are made for a warden, tierelierelier (2x)

Their rattle was a bunch of keys; They now play thief without deliverance; That gives them a lot of pleasure, sweetheart. A song based on Jaap Fisher, but now the anthem of what used to be called care and nursing homes. Now they are semi-open penal institutions where every step of the 'clients' and the few admitted visitors is followed with hawk eyes. A year ago, the website of Actiz, the umbrella organization for these types of clubs, stated the following: 'Good care is more than the absence of illness'. So much for Actiz's throbbing slogan. Because the image has been turned 180 degrees: 'Care is the joyless stretching of life.'

We can safely say that the evening of life of over 200.000 elderly people has been thoroughly destroyed. A large percentage of their last years were marred by empty-headed, slavish management and employees on behalf of the regime. They do NOT stand up for (the rights of) their clients and there is not a word of protest from management or umbrella organizations towards the regime. Not even a symbolic going to court on behalf of their clients. No, in fact, they often go a step further with pleasure and enthusiasm. And what is the result? People are still dying. As always. Because in such institutions the birth rate is simply low and the death rate high. But they pretend that no people died in all those previous years and that their 'clients' now die exclusively and only from corona. Fake news outlets and complacent potentates rule those prisons.

They claim, how is it possible, that they care deeply about their 'clients'. If you are so concerned with your 'clients', why don't the entire staff including management also go into quarantine when another 'client' has a raised nose or a runny nose? Attention all employees. Here is a statement from the management. No one is allowed to leave the premises for the next 10 days. Not even employees. There are bunks in the warehouse at a prescribed distance. Mouth diaper duty 24/7. There are two showers available. Meals are provided. In 10 days, the staff will be allowed to go home, provided that no new contamination is found '. You bet, then the turnips are done and the entire staff will complain about his / her rights.

Some will claim that they disagree with all those measures. That will. But when you slavishly follow what the management dictates, the effect is the same for your 'clients'.

Own observation

I realize that my field of vision is limited. That applies to everyone except for the regime, of course. They imagine themselves to be all-seeing semi-gods. With the blind arrogance due to the gods, they reject important new and additional information when it does not fit their way.

What happened in our own circle? To begin with, four cancer cases since March. A woman of 56 - uterine cancer (dead). A man of 80 - leukemia (dead). A 54-year-old man - brain tumor (4 months to live), 78-year-old man - lung cancer (six months to go).

Then there was an 84-year-old woman. She was too scared to go to the doctor despite severe stomach pain. Eventually she was taken to the corona clinic (formerly hospital) with sirens howling. She died on the operating table of an intestinal compression. A 48-year-old woman has pain in her leg. Not life-threatening, of course, so postpone, postpone and postpone again. You know, scaled-down 'care' and she ends up with an amputation of her left leg.

Furthermore, three cases of misdiagnosis; meningitis, double pneumonia and pulmonary embolism. But yes, of course it had to be corona and if it wasn't, covid-19. Consequence? Incorrect treatment and needless suffering. The only case of corona was a man down the street. He was brought home with a lot of fuss but was walking around again a week later. Some white around the nose, but still.

For those who wish to comment on this article, a similar list is appreciated. Please do not have any over-the-top stories, we are not the regime after all.

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The true heroes

Fortunately, the healthcare profession also has true heroes who speak out against the measures. One of those heroes is doctor Vingerhoets from Bergen op Zoom.

He denounces the regime in no uncertain terms. He gave a testimony that does not lie. I quote: Finally, I blame politicians for not having an eye for the unimaginable collateral damage of the measures. Measures that have been estimated to cost 10 times as many years of life in healthcare alone than they yield. Depression, child abuse and abuse, lost education, bankruptcies in many industries, button-down businesses, damage to youth development, destruction of culture are just a few of a long list of effects not reflected in the charts. Here I particularly blame the government for its short-sighted coldness. ' For the complete explanation, click here.

This Man deserves, deeply, deep respect for his courage and integrity. But yes, it is just the same with doctors as with the journal of the MSM. When an investigative journalist digs and digs for the truth, fifty journalists stand on the edge of the pit to close it again as quickly as possible. And so there is one doctor who does not believe everything at first sight, examines the matter and is honest with his patients. He adheres to his oath and basic guidelines of his profession. On the other hand, there are fifty, but probably many more, who simply believe everything the regime spouts. They jump to the point of broadly applying gene therapy to naïve, misinformed patients without worrying about the consequences. They are for the patient. The regime (read, the taxpayer) pays for the damage and Big Farma must pay for the oxygen because of laughter because they remain out of harm's way by law (!)

Trust comes on foot and leaves on horseback

When things turn out the way they should, respecting high principles and expensive sworn oaths is not difficult. The true test is to keep them high under difficult circumstances. In that regard, the concern was completely lost during the hoax. They violated their oath, violated and violates the trust and respect for their patients. They help politicians harm the health of their patients. In this way they put the ax in the foundations of their profession and destroyed all the trust and esteem they had as a profession. Many still consider themselves healthcare professionals, but it is only a very small, select group that still deserves this title. The rest deserve the label quack.

I wish you wisdom

Karel Nuks

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