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Good news! End of the left in sight in Italy

Luigi di Maio has resigned as leader of the left-wing populist party Five Star Movement.

His resignation takes place during turbulent times within the left coalition. Parliamentarians and senators from the government parties split off or go over to the other parties, including Lega Nord, the party of Matteo Salvini.

Europe is waking up! Salvini unstoppable in Italy

Luigi di Maio leaves

The left-wing government parties are also suffering a great deal in the polls. The left PD (Partito Democratico) had the plan to 700.000 illegal residents give a passport. But that only drives the voter away.

Italy - The left wants to give 700.000 passports to illegal immigrants

On January 26, the coalition will receive a severe stress test.

The local elections in the province of Emilia-Romagna then take place. Normally one large left stronghold that in the entire post-war period only knew left government.

But you guessed it ... According to the polls, Lega by Matteo Salvini will also be the largest there.

In October last year, Lega Nord already won the elections in the even more left-wing stronghold Umbria.


Several polls indicate that Lega is among the 30% to 33% of the votes go to grab while Five Stars has the chance to lose more than half of its voters. They can count on only 5% to 10% of the votes.

The Party leadership of the Five Star Movement wanted the Emilia-Romagna branch of the party to withdraw from the election in order to help the left-wing coalition fellow PD.

However, the party's local branch has rejected this request, thereby increasing the chance of a nationalist victory in the province.

The dirty games didn't work in the end. In Italy the people seem to be poking through the globalists and Salvini was right. This does not hold.

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Luigi di Maio leaves

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