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Good news! VK CANCEL sex surgery for minors

Back to the old normal!

Imagine you are a child, under the age of 18, in Britain.

You must not smoke, drink, drive or use drugs. But sex surgery to get your pee removed? That is allowed, as long as your parents give permission.

This will change:

Soon you will have to be 18+ for sex surgery, according to the Minister for “Women & Equality”, Liz Truss.
You should not leave life-size decisions to people whose prefrontal cortex is not yet fully developed, and are therefore unable to properly consider the long-term consequences.

In more and more states and countries, transsexuals are in a position where they only have access to human rights because trans rights are lifted

Idaho: Forbids trans women from participating in women's sports competitions
Hungary: Deletes trans duties
Great Britain: No sex surgery for minors

Telegraph - No more sex surgeries for minors:

Ministry for Women and Equality:

Prefrontal Cortex Function:


Dr. Steve Turley - Britain bans sex surgeries for minors


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