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Goodbye Albert Heijn

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Goodbye Albert Heijn

Today I said goodbye to Albert Heijn. The shop that usually looks after the little ones has now decided to be especially careful not to let sensible people in. Their policy is to boycott and mistreat people for refusing a mask. The Albert Heijn is therefore one of the wrong shops, they prefer working with the regime over feeding the people.

I had already said goodbye to the NRC and de Volkskrant before because of spreading fake news and propaganda, those newspapers are no longer much more than expensive toilet paper. Now it is the turn of the shops, which can also be remediated. Fortunately, you can enter without a mask in most stores. Rightly so, because mouth masks are pointless and wearing a mouth mask is direct proof of mindless compliance. All studies indicate that masks are counterproductive and van Dissel misled us with outdated graphics. (1)

The obligation to mask the mask was nevertheless introduced by the government and many shops participate submissively, or in the case of Albert Hein even energetically, in this rape of science, logic and humanity.

The Albert Heijn, who I wanted to visit on Monday, had put a security guard in front of the entrance to deny access to people without masks. This security guard had a look in his eyes that indicated that he had just enough brain cells to hold his urine. This also made it clear that a substantive discussion would be a waste of time. At the most, this gentleman was capable of following simple orders, someone who was preferably the first to be allowed to climb out of the trenches during wartime. So I turned around, without any messages.

Apparently I wasn't the only one with this problem. The gentleman in this video has tried a little more vehemently to oppose the Albert Hein fighters under the approving supervision of the staff.

Koi (@kayschekkerman) TikTok | Watch the latest TikTok videos from Koi

It used to be a mystery to me how it was possible that most Germans could believe in Hitler's anti-Semitic propaganda and consider it a good intention to kill as many Jews as possible. This video provides more insight into how that worked then. Many turn out to be able to accept nonsense as long as they feel they belong to the majority and the media often repeats it. There are also apparently plenty of mindless order-takers who are willing to engage in inhumane behavior when an authority directs them to do so.

As a simple citizen you have become quite powerless against this kind of atrocities of the Albert Hein. The judiciary is completely corrupt, you do not have to seek refuge there. The mainstream media will twist these kinds of events as in this video and indicate that a virus wappie went terribly, but thanks to this brave and decisive security guard, everything ended well.

The only thing you can do as a citizen is to stop participating. I have therefore decided not to visit the Albert Heijn for quite some time. My intention is to avoid the Albert Hein for as long as the period in which the Telegraph was banned after the war because of collaboration with the Germans. Given the striking analogy with the war, this seemed to me an appropriate period of time.

Also due to the coming dictatorship of Kaag, the number of available shops will decrease for normal people. As an unvaccinated person, I will have to accept that my environment, my radius of action and the possibilities to move around in society are becoming smaller and smaller. My only resistance at this stage is actively breaking with the system myself. Albert Heijn and Volkskrant and NRC will have to accept that they will lose people like me and that they will miss out on turnover.

Sometimes I hope or dream that I am not alone in this and can set up a parallel society with like-minded people, for example with my own newspaper, food, shops, sports clubs and theaters. Preferably even my own province, for example Gelderland, which has plenty of space. Incidentally, a form of natural selection automatically occurs, a kind of eugenics, which Bill Gates would lick his fingers at. And will split off a group that all have in common that they can think for themselves. If the vaccines turn out to be deadly, which is not entirely unthinkable, an accelerated evolution will occur. The genes coding for naivety, looking away and herd behavior will thus be selected away.

But let's not dream too fondly about the extinction of sheep genes among humans. We must not forget that we are in the age of divide and rule by the elite. One method of gaining power is turning people against each other. Because we have a greater enemy to them, we will really have to cooperate with the now sleeping sheep. To have a chance, we must join forces against the elite and their pursuit of power. We will have to get over the irritation, show understanding and wake up more sheep with small steps.

So we still have a long way to go to get rid of that wretched build back better movement. We need to wake up sheep, boycott shops, boycott the media and set up a parallel society for the time being. Today I took another small step: goodbye Albert Hein, welcome local grocer.

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