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West Virginia: Fatal and lethal consequences of the corona vaccines

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The harsh reality about the “shots”

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice delivered some very alarming news at his covid19 press conference.

During the first weeks of the vaccine rollout, West Virginia still won gold stars from experts because of the high vaccination coverage in the state.

What a party it was, that vaccination campaign.

And now the reality after last 8 weeks.

“West Virginia has seen a 26% increase in positive cases from people who have been fully vaccinated in the last 8 weeks. Read that again, West Virginia sees a 26% increase in positive cases from people who have been fully vaccinated in the last 8 weeks:” said Justice.

“And a 21% increase in dangerous cases requiring hospitalization. For people who are fully vaccinated.”

The governor came with even worse news:

“We also have a 25% increase in deaths among people who have been fully vaccinated in recent weeks.” 

The long-term consequences? Nobody knows yet. It has not been tested.

The governor explains the actual numbers and explains it clearly and clearly. No wappies. No conspiracy theorists. This is what is happening right now, all over the world.

Do you think about this as soon as someone tries to talk you into a vaccine from politics or your environment? Dancing with Jansen? The vaccine is the virus.

The strange thing about this whole situation is that it seems that Jim Justice himself contributed to the mass vaccination propaganda.

On July 7, the governor had the following to say:

“If we were all vaccinated, don't you believe that fewer people would die? If you're not vaccinated, you're part of the problem rather than part of the solution." (source)

And today he tweets:

Is it because he is genuinely concerned or because he wants to usher in another vaccine?


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