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Grapperhaus is working on MORE internet censorship

Minister Grapperhaus, of “Justice and Security”, wants to be able to fine and pillory Internet companies for not removing “Hate Speech”.
He would prefer to get it done this year.

The Minister uses the recent discussion about “racism” to intervene in digital freedom of expression.

Grapperhaus wants to engage experts to determine what falls under “hate speech”.
“With that we are going in the same direction as Germany in terms of censorship”, said Baudet.

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Regulating what people can and cannot say on the internet is not only a threat to freedom of expression and thus a mainstay of democracy, but often some groups are tackled harder than others:

Last year did the twitter account "Blue Checkmark Watch" documentation of the double standard of Twitter's “hate speech” policy.

Conclusion: Genocidal curse calls against whites were allowed, but oh woe if something mildly negative was said about the correlation between crime and ethnicity.


Telegraaf - Internet companies will soon be openly pilloried for hate messages

Onheard Netherlands - Thierry Baudet on politics and his book “Politics of Healthy Mind”

Appendix: “Anything can be taken out of context, to accuse someone of hate speech”


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