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Grapperhaus: pedo handbook does not cross the boundaries of the law

Minister of Justice Ferdinand Grapperhaus said this in the Lower House. According to him, "lawyers" in his department have looked at it, but they see no criminal material in it.

On the dark web, men appear to frequently share images in private networks of specific Dutch children being abused.

The images of the hundreds of different Dutch small children in the underground networks are shocking.

Dutch statues could be identified as originating from our country because a sign was held up:

'I'm a slut, xxx'

This could be read during the abuse. During the rape it was also visible that the Dutch Disneychannel was on.

The images mainly show girls of about eight years old, but dozens of Dutch babies were also filmed during penetration.

Some eyes as if only a few months old.

Photo: raped child

The criminal pedo Robert M. also made such material, including at childcare locations 'het Hofnarretje' and 'Jenno's Kinderparadijs' in Amsterdam, where he was active as a child pornography director and worked as a social-pedagogical assistant.

Robert M. also rented out babies for 50 euros to other pedophiles.

Children are often presented with a reference to external features, such as 'beautiful brown eyes' or 'ponytails'.

Photo: raped child

In addition to abuse images, the members also share photos and videos of naked children on the dark web, for example holiday photos or secretly recorded images from the changing rooms of Dutch swimming pools. Images are also exchanged of young children undressing in front of the webcam.

However, the most 'exclusive' part of the dark web remained out of reach for the investigative journalists.

There was no ethical way to get in there.

These parts of the underground network often require that new material is provided before access is granted.

The networks are set up very professionally.

Sex facts are also exchanged.

For example, it is especially encouraged to become a member of a sports association.

One is also circulating pedo manual with many tips on how to abuse children and how to keep it a secret.

According to Minister Ferd Grapperhaus, this is TERRIBLE, but he is powerless to ban the book.

Grapperhaus now says he is working on legislation that will make web hosts tougher BEING ABLE will be addressed if they do not delete such images.

In addition, he says that the 150 detectives working on the approach have recently been given 'more resources'.

The PVV is critical:

Investigative journalists can track down perpetrators or images, but the government does not. How is that possible?!' asked Member of Parliament Gidi Markuszower.

According to Grapperhaus, this is a misunderstanding.

Photo: raped child

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