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Greece - Angry migrants cut down 5.000 olive trees

Angry migrants on Lesbos cut down 5.000 olive trees. 

The destruction of these trees is seen as an attack on Greek culture, history, identity and on the Greek economy. (source)

This attack on the trees will exacerbate tensions between the island's residents and migrants, and may well get out of hand. Olive exports contribute 650 million euros to Greece's economy every year.

These trees need between 65 and 80 years before they yield a stable yield. (source)

Churches were also destroyed last month and the inhabitants of the once quiet and almost crime-free island are attacked by migrants. (source)

The migrants also dislike the police and other authorities. The authorities are attacked and ridiculed by the migrants.

They are expressly coughing in their faces to infect the police with Corona.


These migrants have simply been at war for months with all the equipment they have. Normally, a strong Union intervenes here. But they are migrants ... And we must not hurt them. Insane and incomprehensible.

As soon as we dare to think that way, we get newspapers full of pictures of crying women and children on the run.

Unfortunately also often staged.

Extreme left-wing journalist is beating Lesbos

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