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Hellenic Navy in highest state of readiness!

The Hellenic Navy has spotted 6 Turkish cargo ships preparing to smuggle migrants to the Greek islands.

Athens is concerned that the scenario of an incident in mid-March will repeat itself. A freighter departing from Çanakkale in Turkey was stranded in the port near Tzia. (source)

These migrants had to be brought inland by the Greek authorities.(source)

Now the Greek authorities fear that in the coming days one or two cargo ships full of migrants will be dropped on one of the Greek islands. (source)

The Hellenic Navy has therefore started to make intensive preparations to stop migrants there as well.

Greece is once again committed to protecting the EU from this wave of migrants as well. How wry it must be to hear that Merkel is quietly waving flaps for Erdogan.

See about this article:

Merkel to his knees for Erdogan: More money to Turkey

The Hellenic Coast Guard and the Navy are therefore in the highest state of preparedness.

In case Greece fails to deter people smugglers then it will warships are used in response to this crisis. This could mean intimidating the Turkish Coast Guard and Turkish Navy personnel. (source) (source)

Earlier this month, Erdogan again threatened to send migrants to Europe immediately after the Corona crisis. (source)

In the meantime, the EU is working hard behind the scenes, the Greeks… No, that was a joke.

This is mainly about the GreenDeal, counting Corona deaths, forcing the migrants' rights on the member states during lockdowns at the expense of their own people and solving yet another problem between North and South that shows that the EU is a worthless freak that pits all countries against each other.

Sweden already obeys with their social democratic President Stefan Löfven and releases illegal immigrants so that they can merge with the masses with all the consequences that entails. The Netherlands has, of course, already responded. Something about globalism ...

Sweden obeys EU - Release illegal immigrants from detention

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