Migrants try to break the Greek border with 500 people

Last night major disturbances broke out at the Greek-Turkish border.

About 500 strong young migrants tried to break down a border fence to enter Greece. (source)

The Greeks used tear gas to stop the attack.

According to the Greeks, the migrants were helped by the Turkish authorities that used tear gas.  (source)

The clash broke out around 2 a.m. and lasted about two hours.

It is estimated that there are still such 2.000 migrants and refugees camp on the border weeks after dictator Erdogan opened the borders and encouraged migrants to cross Greek (and European) borders. (source)

The violence came hours after Erdogan had a video conference with leaders from Merkel, Johnson and Macron.

This video meeting was organized after the leaders' plans to travel to Istanbul were canceled due to Corona.

Erdogan said that options were being discussed regarding the provision of humanitarian aid, but he did not provide further details. (source)

The other three leaders are not letting go either.

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