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Green energy: A FOSSIL industry

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Since the Rome Club warned of “human-induced global warming” in the 70s, major investments have been made in solar, wind and biofuel energy.
All with the intention of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The discussion about the influence of humans on climate change aside.

But about the effectiveness of measures to “green” the economy: Does greening actually lead to less greenhouse gas emissions?

How Green is that green energy?

In Michael Moore's latest documentary, Moore shows that green energy depends on fossil fuel.

Huge amounts of (heavy) metals, fossil fuels, money and felled forests are used to construct solar panels and wind turbines, whereby the clean energy yield always remains lower than the greenhouse gas emissions that were required to build the green power plants.

For example, to melt 1kg of pure silica, for the installation of solar panels, 18kg of coal is required. And efforts to green the economy actually lead to more CO2 emissions.

But above all, it is one of the greatest scams in modern history, enriching themselves with large companies, politicians and environmental organizations.

Michael Moore: Planet of the Humans:

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