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Greta Thunberg on blacklist Hungarian state media

Politico Europe has received leaked emails from employees of the Hungarian state media.

The bosses of the state media have not informed their staff about it Greta Thunberg may be written without permission from above. Also may not just about human rights organizations be written without permission. (source)

The motivation of the Hungarians is that people such as Greta are distrusted.

The same applies to human rights organizations, such as Amnesty International. They are seen as dangerous bodies that manipulate on a large scale in order to spread globalist ideas and to stir up the absurd climate hysteria.

The European Parliament, on the other hand, speaks of censorship. “This is censorship. Simple as that. This is unacceptable and worrisome. ”

Read the whole article here:

Who is right in this case? 

On the one hand, state broadcasters in many countries clearly have a political color. And that is usually the color of the globalists. State groups, such as the NPO in the Netherlands, play a very large role in influencing public opinion.

We dare to say that the Netherlands with a more neutral or multi-sided media looked very different.

It is a form of censorship. But one-sided news is that too.

Is Hungary guilty of censorship or is the state media doing what it should do?

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