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Using children to push a political agenda is unscrupulous!

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“Isn't there anyone in your circles who doesn't frown every now and then on these kinds of matters?”

“Who is surprised that Greta in New York generated more attention than the world leaders present?”

"Who is of the opinion that she has been given too great a role for someone her age?"

"Whether all this can be done to such a young girl with that deviation?"

"Who is afraid that this could end very wrong for Greta?"

"Who thinks that her parents, who know that their daughter suffers from Asperger's, should finally intervene?"

"Who secretly thinks that a movement - including the support media, including you too - that so emphatically manages to put a child in front of them, is in fact unscrupulous."

"Who, in short, thinks it is SOUL? !!"

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Greta the Climate Girl

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