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GVG4 with Paul Meijer: Framing & Coupe perpetrators part 2

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Part 2 of # GVG4


In this first episode, Paul Meijer from Forza Netherlands is a guest in Jasper's studio. Paul was brought up in politics by none other than Pim Fortuyn and started his own movement at the municipal level after the political murder.

In # GVG4 , Common Sense Conversations We invite interesting guests who can freely tell their story.

At the Forza Nederland association, a coupe has been committed that the national MSM feasts on. But also political parties and the mayor by insinuating untruths and lies in order to kindle a fire.

I will talk to Paul Meijer twice for half an hour. 

He talks about the framing on the right and the consequences such as threats, attacks and even murder.

Paul talks about his private life, but also about Geert Wilders of the PVV, Pim Fortuyn and the advance and framing of the LPF at the time and now of the FvD of Thierry Baudet.

Meijer also talks about the coup that was committed from within his political party. The investigation by the judiciary is still ongoing, but a lot of proof has also been declared “secret” by the VVD mayor.

When this is discussed, it can still result in a conviction.

How does framing start? So so.

Part I of the conversation:

GVG4 with Paul Meijer: Framing & Coupe perpetrators part 1

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