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GVG#7 – Dutch Matrix – Simon about conspiracies, alien life and secret societies

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Dutch Matrix

In this special episode of the Common Sense Conversation Jasper speaks with Simon from the popular YouTube channel: Dutch Matrix.

The channel's podcasts are about: The illusion of our reality, politics, history, religion & belief, science, illumination, Matrix, UFOs and aliens.

Something different! For many people, “weird” things may be discussed here. It's up to every viewer what to think.

We notice that extraterrestrial life is becoming more and more mainstream.

Go in with an open mind, draw your own conclusion and lots of listening pleasure!


Dino Sarac is the founder of the YouTube channel and author of the book, “The Hack of the Matrix”.

You can order the book here:

Dino and Simon have been discussing various conspiracy theories, secret societies, extraterrestrial phenomena and much more for years. This is all covered in their podcast.

Direct link to YouTube channel of the Dutch Matrix:

Dutch Matrix Shop:

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