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A portion of common sense for half an hour? Listen to Pieter Stuurman!

In addition to the corona virus, there are more cases that are taking place simultaneously worldwide.

Writer & visionary Pieter Stuurman has studied the phenomenon of power in recent years. He has written many articles about it, so that he now reaches many people in the Netherlands. Recently he has also appeared regularly at Café Weltschmerz as an interviewer and also as a guest at LNN. I invited Pieter to give his vision for the near future. Particularly in times of crisis it is important to keep an overview in a complex world in which much more is happening than just a virus.
According to Pieter, there are currently forces at work that are very decisive for the near future. He mentions, among others, The World Economic Forum and the UN that are pushing for a reset.

Do you want to read more from Pieter? Here you go to his website:
Pieter also writes for the magazine Healthy Mind. Read more information here:

Listening to Pieter Stuurman is like a wave of common sense that blows over you. This time too he does not disappoint. We need these kinds of people.


Pieter recently spoke with Philosopher and cabaret artist Paul Smit at Café Weltschmerz about fear and humor in corona time. A very educational and refreshing conversation.

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