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Shopkeepers in Krommenie have removed Zwarte Pieten from their shop windows because they are threatened felt by an anti-Zwarte Piet action group.

In the night from Friday to Saturday, the group sprayed the text 'Zwarte Piet is racism' on the floor in front of the windows of five shops.

'We immediately threw everything away. Otherwise we were worried that we would have one stone through the window got.'

That says Gerda Kuijs of the shoe store Groot Schoenen Monday.

In the shop there were dolls of brown and white Petes.

Gerda especially annoys that the members of the action group did not come in to start the conversation:

'They don't have it decency to come in and talk about it, ”she says.

Now that this has happened, she doesn't even remember which one Christmas decorations can and cannot hang them later.

'I wanted to put fairies in the shop, but that one dare I can hardly use it anymore. '

For the stores J&R Fashion, Bie Zjoe, garage Schoone and Firstlady, the text has also been sprayed on the floor in front of the window. All shopkeepers in Krommenie have removed the Zwarte Pieten from their shop windows, Gerda says.

A number of shops are going declaration doing the action with the police.

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The action feels like a threat to Gerda.

Action group Zaankanters Against Racism, which is responsible for the action in Krommenie, says in a written response on their Facebook page that they 'niemand threaten'.

'We don't threaten anyone, we show that there are still remnants of Black Petes and ask them to be removed. Ultimately, this will be a fun party for all children, without black people, 'they write.

In several places in the country, anti-Zwarte Piet action groups have stated that they do not agree with Zwarte Piet in shops.

For example, the action group 'Heerlen can do it' has announced on their Facebook page that they have done a chalk action in the Limburgish city. On the sidewalk and on walls is the text 'Zwarte Piet is racism'.

At the Thema & Party Feestwinkel Heerlen store, the action group has also pasted a piece of paper with the same text about a Zwarte Piet on the window. Owner Desiree Blokker says that she has Zwarte Piet decorations hanging in her shop. However, she does not intend to take that away.

'I'll just let it hang. We honor tradition, ”she says.

Owners of Gremmen Footwear in Malden, where Kick Out Zwarte Piet protesters have visited, also let it be known that they will leave their Zwarte Piet dolls in the store.

The activists wanted to start the conversation in Heerlen at Gremmen Footwear, but shopkeepers applied for this.

Why don't they go one educational conversation to over decency with the black children of their supporters? Those kids who have boxes full eggs started throwing at the sweets scattering black Petes in Breda?

This antisocial action was facilitated and encouraged by the black attendees in barbershop 'The Art of Hustle'.

They were surprised, however, when the windows of their business were closed in the evening by residents of the Tuinzigt neighborhood in Breda, who did find Piet sweet.

Barbershop owner Roberto Nefuani immediately pulled the victim card in the mainstream media:

'Black Petes walked past the place just like that, looking in. It is 2020, everyone now knows what it does to a dark person when you organize something like this. They know there are black guys working for us. We didn't know about that entry. '

Ella, who was also in the barber shop during the crime with the eggs, says herself threatened and to have felt intimidated by the screams of the Sinterklaas enthusiasts who react to the egg yolks.

The mayor of Breda said:

'The organizers of this Zwarte Pieten entry are going a lot boete to get. This should never have happened!'

The eggs were delivered on almost all MSM channels Outside consideration left.

The smashed shop window of the barbershop became well everywhere breed measured out.



How come this not on that nuus ??? !!!!

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