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Hilarious! Mandatory vaccine is coming in Australia (Update: President takes back words)

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UPDATE: The President of Australia withdraws his words because "it creates a false impression in the community". According to the Australian RIVM, Australian Medical Association). (source)

Well ... or that will reassure the people in the country. We clearly know where they want to go ...


Why is this so hilarious? Because of the hard numbers!

There is no way to explain this and they never will.

The governments and the media have overplayed their cards to the point that it is starting to get ridiculous.

The fact that the least affected country comes up with mandatory vaccines does not really contribute to the credibility of this circus.

It is a postponement of execution because they will all have to answer for themselves. The fact that the Australian government wants to make vaccines mandatory makes it even clearer that this is one big scam.

Look at these numbers:

The number of deaths in Australia? 652.
Out of a population of 25.5 million. And also in Australia… The average age is above 80 years and more than 90% had serious other conditions.

How many people have (if at all) died directly from a flu called corona?
65 !!! At most! On a land of 25.5 million.

And then compulsory vaccination?

But the governments and the media just keep going in their corona bubble. "Severe penalties will be imposed on anyone who refuses."

What do you have to say about it? 26 deaths per million!

Australia has also purchased vaccines from the thoroughly corrupt company AstraZeneca who have a criminal record of I have you there. The same company that Hugocaust works with to vaccinate us.

  • 2003, pleaded guilty to illegal marketing of their prostate cancer drug and paid a $ 64.000.000 million fine, a $ 266.000.000 million civil lawsuit for false claims, and a $ 25.000.000 million fine for Medicaid fraud.
  • 2004, AstraZeneca was sued in California and Massachusetts for false advertising for alleging that one of their own off-patent medications was not as good as their new drug, although it turns out to be the same.
  • In 2010, AstraZeneca was fined $ 520.000.000 million for marketing one of the antipsychotic drugs illegal and unapproved for use and committing Medicaid fraud for an amount of $ 218.000.000 million
  • In 2002, AstraZeneca was forced to put more warning labels on their lung cancer drug after several patients died of pneumonia from their medications.
  • In 2003, the University of Illinois studied their drug against schizophrenia and discovered the undeclared risk of developing diabetes as a result of taking the drugs, ultimately leading to a $ 198.000.000 million settlement.
  • In 2004 AstraZeneca was criticized by public watchdog groups for the serious side effects of their Crestor drug compared to other cholesterol drugs, and in 2005 Tufts University completed a clinical study establishing the veracity of the claims made by the watchdog groups. This process is still ongoing 16 years later.
  • In 2001, AstraZeneca had to pay another $ 21.000.000 million for deliberately and deliberately trying to keep a competitive generic off the market.
  • In 2003, AstraZeneca was fined € 60.000.000 by the European Commission for abusing patent rules and lying on patents to protect its medicines from generic competitors.
  • In 2007, AstraZeneca had to pay a $ 12,9 million criminal sentence for fraud involving Medicaid and insurance companies for a prostate cancer drug.
  • In 2010, AstraZeneca paid $ 103.000.000 million to settle a federal lawsuit for Medicaid asthma drug fraud.
  • In 2009, AstraZeneca had to pay $ 2,6 million for Medicaid fraud.
  • 2004, AstraZeneca received a warning letter from the FDA for lying in their ads about FDA approval.


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