Gay couple harassed and spat upon by immigrants

A group of immigrant youths harassed a gay couple in Amsterdam on Sunday and spat on the boys.

Last Sunday Fabio and Daniel, an ordinary gay couple, walked to the Lidl on the Molukkenstraat in Amsterdam.

Suddenly they heard young people behind them "Cancer gays" call. Something that unfortunately happens all too often.

Daniel told AT5: “At a certain point you are just done with it. And now the whole group seemed to support it, they were so worked up. ”

They called the emergency number from the police while standing with the group of immigrant youth. Most of the boys left when the police were approaching, but one remained. He is well in the picture.

After the police left, 2 boys returned on a scooter and spat on Fabio.

"I hope it helps to share this story", he says.

“This makes me so angry. I can't believe that this will happen here in 2020 without us provoking anything. ”Fabio said.

NOS and AT5 about the “teenagers”.




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