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Hope for Europe! The Czech Republic also refuses EU migration policy

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The Czech Republic no longer listens to the redistribution plans of migrants prepared by the European Union. 

The Czech Republic is also fed up with insane, dangerous and unnecessary mass immigration.

The Czech Prime Minister Adren Babis stressed this again and also confirmed that they will refuse any new EU quota system.

Earlier this month, Germany suggested implementing a different plan for the so-called “Irregular migrants”. The plan is to register this group and assign a country where they can go before they enter the country. (source)

But President Babis is clear: “We fundamentally reject the redistribution of migrants. We reject any form of quota anyway! ”







More and more countries do not see why they would unnecessarily attract migrants who are certain to cause major problems and dead civilians. This is easy to read from the statistics worldwide where these people enter in large numbers. If only it were different but unfortunately.

Bringing in these people is the most irrational thing a country can do for the well-known reasons and because it doesn't need anything and we have no moral obligation to do so.

In addition, the countries can no longer qualitatively help real refugees who actually need help. Something that should be a goal for every civilized country.

Locked door. Keep your country safe and let in people who are really in need. Simple, tolerant and rational. 

The Czech President is very aware of this and does not intend to sacrifice his own citizens for a set of migrants who make your country unsafe as a thank you for the reception.

The President also emphasized that the government of his country first promotes the interests of the Czech people and not those of illegal immigrants.

“We reject illegal migration for reasons of principle. We also reject letting smugglers decide who will live in Europe. We reject quotas. ”

“I also don't understand why leaders constantly want to discuss this topic at the negotiating tables. I hope this will stop within the new European Commission. ” 

Babis can count on the full support of the Czech Minister of the Interior and Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamacek.

The Deputy Prime Minister that his country will continue to pursue a policy against illegal immigration in line with the countries of Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. These countries are also called the Visegrad Group .








Last year, the European Commission indicted these countries because they did not want to participate in a quota distribution system for migrants before.

But they can continue to sue and protest. The Visegrad Group will definitely refuse to put their countries and their citizens at risk by allowing unnecessary immigrants into their country. Other countries will follow and the debate within the EU will also erupt why other countries should accept immigrants, while a number of people refuse to do so.

As soon as we are rid of Rutte and have our dream government, the Netherlands will also stop this madness. And in Italy they are far from rid of Salvini. 40% of Italians are right behind him and he recently won the elections in Umbria. The leftmost stronghold of Italy.









In addition to the Visegrad Group AfD continues to rise in Germany and are already the largest party in East Germany. 3.6 million people voted for VOX in Spain and LePen has a good chance of winning the upcoming elections against Macron in France. Also in Sweden the patriots in the polls are finally the largest in the country.

Swedes in ruins - Patriots biggest in polls

What will the EU do then?

This spirit is out of the bottle and it will never go back. The only question is when it will happen and how much damage the state-threatening globalists such as Timmermans, Soros, Macron and Merkel are going to do before that time. After all, such people never give up and neither do the sheepish supporters, who are unreasonable.

That is why it is important to quickly wipe the puppets of these people, Mark Rutte for example, off the political stage.

What fantastic people are patriots!





















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