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Dear readers,

When we started this website, that was on October 1, 2019, the month of the Event 201, we wanted to offer readers the opportunity to respond, give tips or give their opinion.

As maybe not everyone knows, CommonSenseTV was founded in February 2019 as a YouTube channel. This channel was eventually removed by YouTube on October 15, 2020 with over 31.000 subscribers.

When you saw the comments that sometimes passed below the videos, you often sat reading them with vicarious shame. But to moderate on a major channel like YouTube… there is no getting started.

On our website we wanted to do this differently and we took a good look at other websites, blogs and platforms where there is also the possibility to respond.

On a number of the blogs, which I myself regularly visited, our green and yellow annoyed us at the comment section. Always (often the same) people who got into each other's hair. It was usually not even about the topic of the article but the undermining of each other's opinions in an unpleasant way.

We often received messages in our mailbox from people who would very much like to respond but do not do so because of the (expected) answers. People who have been posting their posts in comment sections or on forums (forums, but forum is also allowed) for years who know how it works and can take a beating. But people who are not used to that sometimes take it very hard.

What if we all have doctors, lawyers and virologists in our silent supporters but they don't want to respond?

Our aim was (and is) that we will do this differently. We are called CommonSenseTV and we must live up to that name. The fact that you have common sense does not always mean that you are right and what could be nicer if over time this becomes one of those platforms where people discuss with each other in a pleasant way, where things can get tough. can go, but a way that does not scare people away but rather invites more people to join the discussion.

With a number of people we wanted to see how we can prevent such a thing without having to draw up a whole list of rules.

Then we thought to ourselves: Let's keep it stupid simple. 

-No personal attacks among themselves
-No unnecessary foul language or swear words
-No extremist statements or ideas (this is a difficult one because there are people who actually and sincerely have very dark ideas and who are we someone to forbid that?)

What is important to know is that there is a SPAM filter on the comment section. This automated process blocks comments because it thinks they are spam. Often the filter is right, but sometimes it also picks out messages that have nothing wrong with it. The spam filter pays attention to certain foul language, but also especially to comments that contain many links. If you post something and you see that it is not posted immediately, we will approve it automatically. We understand that it can be very annoying at times. If you still want your comment to appear immediately, try again in slightly different wording. The spam filter is difficult to understand why it blocks certain messages.

On top of that: No trolls. Good trolls are very sneaky and provoke discussions in a way that seems very legitimate, but don't worry. Certain people here smell them from a distance.

Three very clear points that we all adhere to. Readers, authors, my best friends, your best friends, myself, people who support CSTV ... In short: For everyone.

This platform could have been much larger had we accepted a number of proposals from sponsors who would like to have a finger in the pie. We do NOT.

We want to apply this same principle to this too. Without regard to persons. That is sometimes difficult, because we are not made of stone.

How do we do that? 

We look at the latest comments every night (to be honest it is getting harder and harder and there will probably be messages that we are not aware of but that clearly violate one of those three rules) and we only look at the above three points. NOT to the person who wrote it and NOT to the opinion. We also do NOT look at whether someone wants to (strongly) criticize us or a writer. The point is that it is done in a decent way.

What we always do is send a message to that person to ask them to rephrase it. Often you can say the same thing but in different words. Unless you realize it's someone trying to screw things up. You quickly realize that and you let it go.

If someone thinks that there is absolutely nothing correct about an article or absolutely disagrees with the content of a column or opinion piece, then that person should especially and precisely make this known. It is what we learn from. All of us when we listen to each other. We all seek the truth together and no one can claim the truth, and nothing but the truth. The media should also come out for that.

Now it seems as if we are actively busy removing comments on a daily basis, but from the 15th October 2019 until now it may well be happened less than 10 times that we have removed comments. What does happen is that you may remove someone's comment while you have just had a pleasant conversation with that person by email. Or that you later notice that it was our own author and I swear that the very first comment ever taken down by the moderator at the time was a comment from me.

In two other cases, they were people who firmly support CommonSenseTV. You can assume that I, and perhaps others too, are worried about that. This article does not come out of nowhere.

We have a clear opinion about world affairs, but as soon as it gets personal I am at least a softie. There is nothing that can ruin my day more than a negative atmosphere or conflicts with like-minded people.

Dear readers, we do not want to censor anyone. It is what we ourselves hate. What we do strive for is a large unique platform where people of all ages from all walks of life can discuss and compete with each other. And that really does not have to be in an overly neat way, but just as adult people.

Everyone gets out of control sometimes, tell me about it. Hence I got the first ban.

We have a wide reach for a platform that was created like this. Google Analytics indicates that it is an average of more than 30.000 visitors per day and we are just under a million visitors per month. This was slightly higher when we still had our YouTube channel. This range is going to increase. That is a given because we will never stop doing this. Sit still while we see that heavy artillery is being tried to take our lives and our future away by some devilish people? No option.

That alone will keep you growing (unless we start writing nonsense) and the day comes when a person or perhaps a company, with no interests and no content requirements, will offer to take CommonSenseTV to the next level. make a big change.

We are already a website where there is a lot of fun and normal discussions. Thank you all for this. Let's all try to keep it tidy and at a certain level so that people who would love to respond will also come out of their shell and for the prestige of this website.

Have a nice Sunday!


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