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The media and the Merkelians - Terrified of Trump re-election

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In the election campaign for the American Elections, scenes and developments take place that consumers in the hatred of Trump-equalized German mainstream media are ignored, because they are not allowed to.

However, the shock among the public in the realm of the Merkel dictatorship will be all the greater after November 3 when the blond beast with German ancestors will sit in the White House for another four years.

In any case, the prospects for Trump's reelection have improved greatly. That is why the sounds that here in the country predicted his defeat a little too prematurely are now also clearly becoming more timid. Probably a few know more than they want to (and are allowed to) report.

An example:

During a recent visit to the state of Ohio, where Trump, like all his other appearances in the US election campaign, was enthusiastically applauded by many thousands of Americans, the president blasted the hostile media lurking there with a genius raid to the bone. : he spoke to his supporters in the crowded stands at Toledo airport. Then he turned to see the crowds behind him who could not have gotten a place in front of the pulpit.

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