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How busy is it actually in the test street ???

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In my column: “World news, but it's a dime on its side ” I have reported on 22 scientists convincingly showing that the PCR test is completely unsuitable for what it is being used. That should be the time to stop this nonsense. The fact that that does not happen and that they just continue as if we have not discovered anything is possible worried conclude that they will continue to roll out their plans at all costs.

It is also strongly questioned whether the alarmingly rising number of 'infected patients' is based on actual test results. Several people have told me that it is almost 'deserted' on the test street. The GGD also confirms that the capacity in the test lanes is many times greater than there is demand for. And the national government does not give the impression that it is very busy. When making an appointment, people can usually visit the same day.

And another very bizarre thing is that half a year ago about 1% of the test candidates tested positive. Today, more than 12% test positive. The attentive readers will know why. Several modifications of the PCR test led to even more false positive results. That is now about 12.000 a day. Yes, dear folks, those 12.000 are nearly all false positives. But that does mean that about 100.000 people (in cars) drive past every day. That is now about 600.000 per week.

Ok, they say testing has scaled up considerably recently, but they have been working on this for about 40 weeks now. That should mean mathematically that by now all of the Netherlands, young and old, has already been tested …….

They won't….? They won't lie, are they?


Well, who can check whether the numbers on which the new lockdown and all other nonsense is based are really correct? You never know with Mark and Hugo. I am not surprised anymore. I even heard from someone who had made an appointment to be tested, but was unable to keep the appointment due to circumstances. But you know what, she got a call the next day saying she had tested positive.

Dr. Drosten (you know, the one from the covid-PCR test) is of the opinion that it is necessary to keep the population upset, even though there is actually not much going on. "But the problem is that people don't believe the lies anymore."


The Bataafse Courant has called on test street employees to testify. That in response to this message they had received:


We also make this appeal: Are there people, visitors and / or employees who can testify about the test streets and the alleged crowds?

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World news, but it's a dime on its side… ..

Spread the freedom!

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