How can a corrupt mass murderer be WHO Director General?

What the hell is he doing in that position and how serious is it that our country is doing business with these types of criminals?

Very serious!

People like Mark Rutte, Hugo de Jonge and the RIVM work together with bodies such as the WHO (World Health Organization) that, among other things, also decide about our health and the sexual guidelines for children.

What if that organization that deals with global health is corrupt through and through and is also led by a mass murderer? What if he is by no means the only one within the WHO who has a past that cannot bear daylight? So this is the case. And that is no secret.

First watch this short video that we have subtitled in Dutch for you from the German Kla.TV:


After reading this article, one may wonder whether we should not break all ties with these types of criminal organizations very quickly. Aren't we crazy to let this all happen? Yes!

We are crazy. In a normal society, we would pull these gypsies in The Hague out of their turret or office with a roar of laughter and pillory their millions at the same time.

But this country is so structured that the media and politicians are conspiracies, censored, ridiculed, and threatened for anyone who is critical and exposes facts. It says enough.

Because journalism no longer exists in the Netherlands and the rest of the world, we as citizens have to investigate ourselves. A shame and disgrace for the journalists. Have you ever heard a positive report about Corona? Or a critical sound? Another opinion? A question about the improbable numbers? And debate between different experts with different opinions about covid? No, and it never will.


But as long as half of the population does not yet realize that journalists and the media serve an agenda and instead of informing citizens, they want to steer citizens, a number of citizens will have to give up everything themselves to replace their role so that the truth can still prevail. table comes.

It takes many times more effort because the mainstream media simply has a lot of power and the majority of them are more likely to accept something from "The television" than from independent platforms that have to put in a lot of effort with little resources and experience to uncover the truth.

But it is the people who are constantly on the world news and who understand very well what is really going on in this world.

It is also not without dangers for independent people who, in good faith, bring out facts and want to show them to the population.

As a thank you, you get the most bizarre comments and threats thrown at your head from people who don't even bother to see what these independent people have to say, while they want the very best for the Netherlands, and therefore for them.

For those who do become interested in the other side of the story, we can already reveal:

We don't have to fear Corona. We must fear the measures where organizations and pharmaceutical companies compete for a lot of money and power. Lots of power! The population is irrelevant to them.


The EU and the WHO are making decisions about how to tackle this so-called pandemic, but also, together with the EU, are setting guidelines for, for example, the Sexual Education of children. In the Netherlands too.

RIVM is essentially an extension of the WHO. Both are kept financially alive by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. (source)

And yes, these headlines of the articles below come across as harsh, but they do not short of reality. We like to be clear.

The articles contain the official documents in which it can be read that these are indeed the WHO guidelines regarding sexual education as well the guidelines of the European Union. A pedophile policy in our eyes.

Read the next two articles carefully. It is all substantiated.

WHO and EU: Your children aged 6 can learn to subtract kids from 3



So when you know how this WHO works and especially know who the Director General of the WHO is, namely Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, then it is unimaginable for anyone who is a little awake that Mark Rutte, Hugo de Jonge and the RIVM will work with them on our behalf and come up with billions of euros when it is required of them. Like Rutte who did € 325.000.000 paid to the GAVI project. Our media let it slip through but we have the pictures.

Incidentally, a project that is keen to vaccinate and chip us in collaboration with Mastercard and the Belinda and Bill Gates Foundation. Let them call conspiracy thinkers. Those who say that don't understand the definition of a plot at all. And see the harsh reality here:

Bill Gates, Mastercard and GAVI Launch AI-Driven “TRUST STAMP” ”


Do we Dutch want this? No!

Then, in addition to chasing these people from the political scene, it is also necessary to get out of that totalitarian EU as quickly as possible. A NEXIT!


Tedros Adhanom is the WHO's General Director. The World Health Organization.
This man, who is about our health, has a pitch-black past.

Tedros adhanom

In his home country of Ethiopia, he was a senior member of the violent Marxist party TPLF, which has been identified as a terrorist organization. (source)

The party has been in power in the country since 1991 and pursues a totalitarian and cruel policy. (source)

In 2010 he was Minister of Health. At the time, he refused medical assistance and food to the population group De Amharen. As a result, 2.5 million Amhars have disappeared from the population register. They were simply missing at the next census. (source)

In 2016, as Minister of Foreign Affairs, he was responsible for 500 deaths from the Oromo group. He chased 15.000 members from their homes because the land was rented to a large farm from India. 500 people died in the name of Tedros. (source) (source)

He has also been accused of extraditing political dissidents tortured and tortured he was and is accused of concealing the Cholera epidemic in his country. (source) (source)


Robert Mugabe


In 2017, he appointed his friend the long-serving President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, as Ambassador “Of Good Will” for the WHO. After a lot of pressure, he has withdrawn this honorary title from this dictator and mass murderer. (source) (source)

Everyone within these organizations knows this. Every government, including the Dutch, is fully aware of these facts. Why then can this man sit on the throne and take over our health?

Rutte en e Jonge - The puppets of real power

Maybe some people will wake up now? Welcome to the real world!

Additional sources:


Crimes of Tedros in pictures.

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