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How Nursing Homes Take Hostages and Punishments with Impunity - Part 3


Part III - About PL meals and hot mash In part I of this three-part serial I described how my father was quarantined and taken away from his will against his will. In Part II, how the institution put all my father's rights in bulky waste and hid behind formalities. In this part how authorities, in this case the police and the Public Prosecution Service (OM) deal with such serious crimes.

On Wednesday April 29 at around 15.50:16.20 pm I called the police to report it. I got North Netherlands on the line. I received a call-back request from the Zeeland-West-Brabant corps at 1 pm: 'You do not have to report this'. Excuse me? Why not? The literal response: "Because my boss said so." Oh yeah? On what basis then? No answer. This police lady including her boss don't know the law they should be most familiar with; the Code of Criminal Procedure. This obliges the police to record a report. That was number 2. Subsequently, an agent from Zeeland-West-Brabant called and I received a telephone number from RIVM. That does not appear to be RIVM. It is a false track to some corona reporting point that cannot do anything with this. That's number XNUMX. I called RIVM. They are very surprised that I call them with that question. They are said to have no expertise in the Public Health Act. The law that deals with the management of pandemic infectious diseases and RIVM says that it is not an expert there?!?! Number 3.

Around 17.15 pm, still Wednesday 29 April, I made a report via the website of the police and ter V., Senior in the Intake and Service department, made an appointment to make an oral report at the Goes office on Thursday 30 April, 15 pm. I went there but was dismissed on the spot; the appointment had been canceled. Not that we had contact about that, but according to the police that was "agreed". They had tried to reach me and the cancellation was 'successful' on that basis. That was number 4. The officer informed the desk that the Officer had referred the case to the trash. Which Prosecutor and on what basis did he not know and did not intend to investigate? he was busy. Number 5.

At home it turned out that an email had been sent just before the appointment; appointment canceled. I called Detective De W .. His message; there is no matter. He could not explain why, had not read the documents accompanying the declaration, did not know which Prosecutor was involved, etc. In short, he had not done his homework. What followed were vagaries and non-arguments: 'How should we do that? Taking your father out of the care facility? " I think he is being paid to investigate a report and to act according to findings when a crime is suspected. I asked whether a statutory emergency ordinance, ministerial order or something similar had the Public Health Act (Wpg), or parts of it, been ineffective. He did not know. He said it was a civil case. Unlawful detention a civil matter? Did this detective go to sleep at the police school? Number 6.

Even in times of crisis it seems to me that the police should know what powers they do or do not have. So it should be a piece of cake to press me like a puppy pooping on the carpet with my nose: "Look, here it is. You miss the mark. The law says that we cannot or cannot do anything with this'. But no, no. Everyone revolves around the hot paste. A little later I received a link from Detective De W .. The site is about guidelines from the National Government and speeches from Rutte. Again his job is not done. And that was 7. I filed a complaint against De W ..

On Tuesday 5 May De B., assistant public prosecutor called the Oosterschelde basin. Primarily the same story as the rest; his homework has not been done, all kinds of vague references and no concrete answers. He took the time, but he, the umpteenth, did not know whether the intended articles of the Wpg would have been inactivated or why the Public Prosecution Service referred the matter to the trash. He called art. 26 Wpg - reporting of unusual numbers of infections to the municipality. However, this article is not relevant. He advised me to contact the cabinet?!?! Gosh, I felt helped. The B. was number 8.

On May 13, A., the police complaint handler, called. He knew that Van den O. (OvJ) had seen and rejected the report. He had also not done his homework; did not read any documents, he did not know why he was rejected, had not investigated the Wpg and did not intend to find it out. Look, this is how we get further. So I asked on what grounds the police are currently operating. A. did not know that: "Do I need to know?" That's weird. Citizens are expected to know the law, but the police do not know their own powers? A. was number 9 in line.

Push off nine times without explanation or substantiation. That is no longer a coincidence but a pattern. I was wondering if this happens more often. And that's right! In fact, it is an unofficial standard procedure, the PL-et; flat dicks and road bonjour. Why? Well, fewer reports are good because crime will drop on paper, which is a good thing for the police and politicians. Read the article Scoring, downing and downgrading smileys (

Also on May 13 I called the OM in Breda looking for Officer Van den O. who rejected the report. Despite an urgent callback request, she did not call back. Number 10. In the meantime, the police and the Public Prosecution Service have been contacted twice, both of which were registered once. Numbers 11, 12, 13 and 14. The police have since responded. Exactly in line with how they reacted earlier; no explanation or decent information. Simply the umpteenth PL meal now only in writing.

Look, I'm not a lawyer. I said that in all contacts with the police and the Public Prosecution Service. Maybe I'm wrong. That could just be. Then wipe me like a naughty dog ​​through my own dirt. Send me the specific regulation, decision, emergency ordinance or what it may be called in which it is stated that (parts of) the Wpg have been put out of operation and that the judicial review is not under discussion during quarantine. Then the whole matter disappears like snow in the sun. Nobody. And why not? Because the Wpg has not been deactivated. And believe me, I have been looking very intensively for that. I argue that the police and the judiciary are desperately trying to sweep these crimes under the carpet because The Hague is not happy to have them upheld. My father will certainly not be the only one against whom the board of nursing homes committed this crime.

In summary, both the police and the judiciary are all about the hot mess. A crime has indeed been committed. When a deputy judge says so (see part II), that seems to me enough confirmation. However, the police and the Public Prosecution Service refuse to answer specific questions, do not call back, do not answer letters or answer but do not say anything, there is zero substantive substantiation. That is exactly what I already noted in Parts I and II. There is a pattern of unwillingness, hiding behind formalities, rebuffing, silence, delaying time, official arbitrariness and dereliction of duty. The conclusion is clear; in times of crisis, justice, moral and ethical norms and the weak in society are the first victims. And this with full approval and cooperation from The Hague, the police and the judiciary.

We are well on our way in the Netherlands.

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