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How come this not on that nuus ??? !!!!

White tears don't matter ?? !!

A violent farm murder took place on November 19, 2020 in Boschkop in Gauteng province.

Became a farmer shot and a peasant woman became in her artistic leader stabbed, tied up and tortured.

Another woman on the farm was also tied up and had to watch.

No arrests have been made yet.

An elderly lady in Modjajis gorge in Limpopo province almost beaten to death with sticks by three black invaders and then robbed.

This happened on November 19, 2020.

The vigilante, Tzaneen and Modjajiskloof police and local security companies conducted a manhunt after which one of the suspects and a number of stolen items could be traced.

The two others are still walking around freely.

Became a 64-year-old farmer cruel abused and for dood abandoned on 21 November.

Money, a gun and a car were stolen.

It happened in Hartbeeslaagte, on the Wakefieldstraat in the Mpumalanga province.

At least convenient masked and gloved pharma tackers came running into the yard with firearms at 11.00:XNUMX am.

The farmer who just got off his forklift to feed his cattle was overpowered.

He was badly beaten and in the home tied up.

A second farmer was also put together beaten en tied up.

Shots were fired.

At this point a third farmer climbed onto the roof to call for help.

A neighbor complied.

Meanwhile, in the farm the first farmer was forced to get his keys safe to hand over to the black robbers.

A large sum money was then captured

And a .22 rifle was also made nicked.

Are brand new Toyata Hilux, Single Cab GD6 with registration JPD392MP was also to be issued as well cell phone.

One of the farm attackers was continuously talking to someone on the phone.

He wanted to hurry because "someone was coming."

The nearest neighbor who immediately came to the rescue saw the perpetrators drive away in three vehicles, including the Hilux.

He gave chase towards Bronkhorstspruit, because he thought the farmer was in the wagon, but when he was shot at he had to give up.

He returned to the farm to find the badly battered tied up farmer in a room where he was locked up with the black housekeeper.

The old farmer, who lives alone, was taken to hospital with a deep head wound, fractures and cuts.

The housekeeper was not tied up and had her cell phone with you the whole time, but did not call the emergency services.

No one has been arrested.

Also on November 20 last had to farm William Daniel Ackerman appear on trial in Groblersdal after being arrested for killing a black farm attacker who broke into his farm and his Honda CRV.

The intruder attacked the farmer with a knife, after which the farmer shot five bullets in his head in self-defense.

This farm attack took place near Roossenekal in Middelburg on farm 'Eensome'.

The case has been adjourned and the farmer is still behind bars.

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