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How do I process trauma from a past life?

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Maarten Oversier has been a regression and reincarnation therapist at home and abroad for 26 years.

In this podcast I talk to him about his work and about his book 'Existence Right' that will be released soon. Maarten has helped thousands of people with various trauma in recent years. These can be fears or relational problems, for example. People are often unaware that their trauma may have a deeper cause.

Maarten talks about the most common trauma and what the main points are in his book. In the podcast Maarten gives his unvarnished opinion about the vagueness that often surrounds the term spirituality.

And what does Maarten see as the most important condition for moving towards a positive future?

A sincere conversation with a down to earth Rotterdammer who has gained many insights from experience as a therapist.

Are you curious about the work Maarten does? Read for more info on the website:

You can also listen to this podcast via SoundCloud:

And soon also on Spotify!

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