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As you may know, I am an analyst and I mainly base my articles on researched facts. Sometimes I sometimes use an opinion of my own in my columns, but then I also mention that.

Yet I am also, by some, accused of being a conspiracy thinker. That might be a compliment. Because the people who say this to me mainly inform themselves via the AD and, or they do not inform themselves at all, or simply accept what Van Dissel, Osterhaus, De Jonge and Rutte serve them up.

Well, we can hardly accuse people like that of 'thinking' ...

I have collected a lot of puzzle pieces below. I'm going to list them all first, in no particular order. And then let's see if we can turn it into a puzzle. Just a summary of facts, not opinions:

Puzzle piece 1

So much has been said and written about the PCR test. Regimens around the world are misusing this PCR test to detect "infections" and diagnose covid-19. If you don't know yet, just search the internet and an army of specialists, chemical biologists, microbiologists and other doctors can explain that the PCR test is not suitable for this. In Portugal, a judge has prohibited the use of PCR tests to make diagnoses. Only a doctor can and should make a diagnosis and not a working student who is patting something with a cotton swab in your nose. But even stronger: in the package insert of PCR tests (there are already about 100 manufacturers) it is clearly stated that the PCR test cannot make a diagnosis. That a positive result does not necessarily mean that a person is infected with SARS-CoV-2, and even that a negative result does not necessarily mean that it is not.

Why then do they massively test people with the PCR test? I will come back to that in a moment.


The real test, a blood test that is performed in the laboratory (and has indicated since May that almost nothing is wrong) that is no longer used and has been replaced by the cheaper PCR test, which will also be replaced soon by an even cheaper and more unreliable test. The reason given is that a real test is far too expensive. I kid you not !!! But thanks to the corona hoax half of the economy is being demolished, most companies are on a subsidy infusion, the budget deficit and the national debt are rising to unprecedented levels and a tsunami of bankruptcies awaits us. But apparently that's more beneficial than actually testing what's going on, right?


The studies by Pfizer, ModeRNA and AstraZeneca show that exposure to large groups of people of the SARS-CoV-2 virus hardly causes infections. In AstraZeneca (12.000 placebo participants) 110 people (0,84%) became infected. At Pfizer (21.830 placebo participants), 162 people were infected. That is 0,74%. And at Moderna, with 15.000 placebo participants, the 'score' was the lowest. Only 0,67% of the participants became infected.

Please understand this well: All of these people have been deliberately brought into contact with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and hardly anyone contracts covid-19 as a result. What is this about? This vaccine and all these nonsense measures are not necessary for anything.


During the 'first wave' in March / April 2020, hospitals became overloaded and staff overworked. This had two main reasons:

Firstly, healthcare has been cut down considerably by Mark Rutte in recent years and secondly, the doctors and nursing staff did not know how best to treat the patients.

The big question is why has the cabinet continued to panic about a 'second wave' (and now even about a 'third') and have done nothing at all to boost health care capacity again? In Belgium, the Antwerp Order of Doctors has instructed all doctors not to apply medicine as it should be, but to follow government guidelines. Therapeutic freedom and professional autonomy must give way to the emergency situation created by the government. In the Netherlands and Belgium, general practitioners, hospitals and / or nursing homes receive a 'corona bonus'. And one that is also quite ticking.


Since the use of the PCR test instead of a real test, the number of 'infections' has increased spectacularly. There are now many more infections than in March / April. But, despite frantic efforts to sow as much panic as possible with regard to hospitals, it turns out that there is not much going on there. They can easily handle the current patient flow. And the number of deaths is no different from the average in other years.


The bizarre thing is that they just say that mouth masks don't work. That the one and a half meter society is based on a wrong interpretation. They just don't want to admit anything about the PCR test. Sow panic about numbers of 'infections' so that attention is diverted. Blablabla and in the meantime your rights are being taken away. Oh, you think you'll get them back soon? Haha, that's just like the pickpocket who will bring your wallet back.

Do you believe it yourself?


It is almost impossible to beat Ab Osterhaus away from the tube. This charlatan, as an adviser to the government, sold 2009 million vaccines against swine flu in 34 and filled his pockets with them. More than half of that rubbish has been destroyed, but unfortunately many people have been vaccinated with it. The Dutch government is still in the process of settling all claims for damages from the people who have suffered serious consequences from this junk.

Why isn't this guy in jail? He was smart enough to enforce immunity in the delivery of the self-recommended vaccines from ViroClinics, a company in which he was a shareholder. Oh, and how many people turned out to be infected with swine flu. One, I believe.

Also see here how we are cheated:


Why are the police almost everywhere pounding peaceful civilians with such violence? Just look what happened at an anti-fascist (I am not a fan of, but good) demonstration. A silent march and sitting demonstration in Berlin:

It can be even crazier. This was in Liverpool. Where the police, The Bobby's, had a reputation for nonviolence.

But closer to home we don't even need protesters for excessive police brutality:


Did you know, no, you did not know, but I am going to tell you now that there has been a patent on a coronavirus (yes, on a virus) that causes severe acute respiratory infections since 2006 (patent 2006257852). I am not an expert in the field of patents, but you cannot have a patent on natural phenomena. You can only do that on something you invented, created. The patent was granted to an American company and GlaxoSmithkline Beecham later bought it. Yes, it is one of the current suppliers of your upcoming vaccine ...

At the end of 2019, around the time that Bill Gates organized a major pandemic simulation, a patent (patent EP-3172319B1) on a corona vaccine was granted to The Pirbright Institute. And you can guess 3 times who owns that institute…. (I'll guess for you: Gates, Gates, Gates)


Doctors have been allowed to register deceased as Corona deaths, even without a test. If the physician finds that there were symptoms that could suggest that the patient was infected with SARS-CoV-2, then Corona may be registered as the cause of death. In many countries, doctors and / or hospitals and / or nursing homes receive a bonus for this. I kid you not.


You already know that the 'vaccine' is completely unnecessary. But the game that will soon be played, after everyone has had to undergo the (almost) mandatory injections, is this: The PCR test is either adjusted to fewer cycles and more measurements, or the PCR test is replaced by a real one. test. And see: 'see how well the vaccine works'. A spectacular decrease in the number of 'infections' will take place. The infections that are not there now, but that are being lied to.

Should complications arise or even people dying from the 'vaccines', it can easily be attributed to the erratic nature of the virus and not caused by the vaccine. The vaccine is of course good, but this virus is so incredibly strong that the vaccine sometimes cannot compete with it.

And believe me, soon the influenza virus will also miraculously return.


And of course it is of the utmost importance that the vaccination is repeated annually (Bill comes out spontaneously $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)


Thedros has now stated that the vaccines (hurray, they are there, that's the solution, that's what we were waiting for, now we can go back to normal again) will not mean that all other measures will be abolished or weakened. Are you well aware? That muzzle should never be taken off. The restaurants may never open again. We have to stay indoors on Sundays, as well as in the evening after 10 am. And whatever nonsense they will come up with.



So many government leaders meekly follow the WHO's instructions, and those instructions are damn good for the plans Klaus Schwab wants to carry out.

In the US it seems very much that the biggest election fraud ever (for the US then) has taken place. Half demented Joe Biden suddenly turns out to be the most popular presidential candidate in US history. Do you believe it yourself?

Half demented Joe revealed (Freudian slip of the tongue) in a speech that the Democrats had the most advanced electoral fraud system in history. Nancy Pelosi also knew before the election that Biden was going to win.

They are so smart, setting up a fraud system with very flashy evidence, but with marginal leverage to outsmart judges and media, while using the real fraud unseen by software manipulation of the voting computers.

It's an old system. Pickpockets do it too. They touch your shoulder or hand you a flower the moment they take your wallet out of your pocket.

I cannot escape the impression that the election fraud that has taken place in the USA is also part of the great WEF plan (I will come back to that in a moment). Donald Trump did not want to cooperate, they understood that themselves. That is why an advanced computer fraud system has been set up with a smokescreen of a few Democrats who were filling in ballots themselves, a few more ballots of people who had already died and a few more incidents here and there. Ballots deliberately brought in conspicuously after closing time, observers who were not allowed to observe. That was only a distraction because it involved dozens, maybe hundreds, or sometimes even thousands of cases of voting fraud, but they would not materially affect the election results. As a result, the local judges could easily dismiss the charges as "not significant."


Michael Osterholm is Joe Biden's advisor and he now recommends closing the entire country. Australian style lockdown. At least six weeks. Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, congratulated Joe Biden and offered him the 'corona expertise' her country was gaining. Biden is very pleased with the way New Zealand has coped with the pandemic, Ardern says. Locking up the whole country for nothing. Biden hinted that he would be happy to discuss this approach with Ardern.


World leaders have massively pledged their support and commitment to Bill Gates and the major pharma companies to roll out vaccination programs worldwide next year.


How can even the Pope declare that all countries must hand over their power to "The New World Order" led by the UN?


The 'Great Reset' is a strategy that one Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, together with the World Bank, the IMF, the Gates Foundation, George Soros, the UN and the WHO are implementing. This is not a theory of doomsday or conspiracy theorists. Klaus Schab may be unknown to most people, but he has been trying to manipulate the world in a dictatorial way for 50 years. In 1970 he founded the European Management Forum which he later renamed the World Economic Forum. The man is 82 now. All these years he only partly got a foothold to recreate the world according to his ideas, but just look what he says about it now.

He is friends with Gates, Soros, many (world) leaders, captains of industry, especially with the pharmaceutical sector. How is that possible? How can this mixture of Hitler and Mao achieve this? Once a year, all his friends are invited to Davos, where every year a secret meeting is held and where his friends are celebrated in an incredible way. Oh, and Willempie and Mark have recently been allowed to join.

Governments are on the leash of this group of billionaires and turn against the population. Destroy society. Destroy the well-being of the people. Everything at the service of Klaus Schwab and his friends who want to have world power and to bend everything to their will.

Klaus Schwab grew up in Hitler Germany, born in Ravensburg in 1938.

Schwab seems to have dedicated his life to reinventing Hitler's lust for power, not just for Germany, but for the entire world.

And, as you can see, he and his accomplices are using the Covid-19 crisis to now swiftly push plans through, ignore opposition, accelerate their agenda and impose it on the rest of humanity against our will in what he calls a "Big Reset".


How about the $ 1 million Dan David Prize he received by Israel in 2004. His ideology is very similar to that of the (fictional?) Protocols of the sages of Zion. In that respect he deviates from Hitler's ideologies.

His new fascism is being revealed in the guise of global governance, bio-security, the "new normal", the "New Deal for Nature" and the "Fourth Industrial Revolution". He knows how to sell his talk nicely. It scares me.

Schwab set out his agenda as early as 1971, in his book Moderne Unternehmensführung im Maschinenbau, where his use of the term 'stakeholders' (those Interests) actually redefined people. Not as citizens, free individuals or members of communities, but as secondary participants in a huge commercial endeavor.

With the aim of protecting and increasing the wealth of the capitalist elite.

This all became even more evident in 1987, when Schwab renamed its European Management Forum the World Economic Forum.

The WEF describes itself on its own website as “the global platform for public-private partnerships”, with admirers describing how it “creates partnerships between businessmen, politicians, intellectuals and other leaders of society to address important issues in the global field. agenda to realize ”

The 'partnerships' that the WEF creates are intended to replace democracy with a global leadership of carefully selected and unelected individuals, whose duty is not to serve the public, but to uphold the rule of the 1%. explain to that audience.



Curfew, mouth caps, all measures, it looks like war. And that is it. It is a war of the rulers against the people. They say the invisible virus is the enemy. We are so scared of something we cannot see. But are they doing anything to fix the virus problem? No. It's psychological warfare. Most people are prisoners of war. Psychological prisoners of war.

People are caught in the hypnosis of the governments' terrorist propaganda. And if this were to take place in one country, we could still think, say, that they are a bunch of idiots. But almost everyone participates in the creation of the mass hysteria. Almost all countries participate in the same nonsensical measures. Everywhere fear is frightened with the nonsensical PCR tests. The vaccines had to come, while it has been proven that they are not needed for anything. With what is happening everywhere now, we can no longer say or think that 'they' are doing all this for the benefit of all. Surely there is no other way than that there is a plan behind this?

These are by no means all the puzzle pieces, but I think we are already well on the way to putting them.

Maybe it is true ...

Maybe things are not going well in this way we live and we may be with far too many people in this world.

Do you know that in the year 1900 the world population was about 1 billion people?

And do you know that in 1950, after 2 devastating wars and the Spanish flu, the world consisted of 2 billion people?

Now, in 2020, 70 years later, we are nearly 8 billion and population growth has never been higher than it is today.

Who knows, maybe Bill Gates is right that there are far too many people on earth. But as for me ...

… As for me, when he shouts…: “Then set a good example for you and your family”. Go on, go! You probably know which injection you and your family can take to reduce the population. Ok, it's just a drop in the ocean, but it is a noble example, if you are so convinced that you are right.

Or do you just want to control someone else's life?

It's more like that, doesn't it, Bill. You, and George and Klaus want to bend the world to your will and most of those stupid people don't belong to that. That people who only pollute the air, the ground and the sea. Problems caused. No, you want to enjoy all the good things of Mother Nature and not be bothered by all the rabble.

Unless the mob does exactly what you want. You can have complete control over the mob. And with all your money you can easily bribe fools like Mark Rutte and even fools like Merkel and Macron. And just look at those idiots from Canada, New Zealand and Australia. And luckily you were able to let sleepy Joe win. Because with the US led by Trump, your plans would become a lot more difficult to implement. How good that you have gathered in Davos every year to forge your dark plans. This has been in the works for 50 years and now it's all really happening. If it were still possible, Klaus would have an orgasm spontaneously.

This is my observation as an analyst, not a conspiracy thinker. Can you put the puzzle pieces in a different way?

Just tell me.


Marcel van Tol



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