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How do you protect your heart?

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Writer, emotion expert and self-love specialist Chantalle Kamycki was a guest on Radio Gletsjer and brought her 'Heart Defenders' with her. We all have these Heart Protectors, because we all suffer trauma. Trauma can be caused by big, dramatic events, but also by small things.

Chantalle: 'You are born as a baby with full dedication and you cannot put things into perspective. You only know how your parents react to you and you take everything on yourself. Pain comes in and from there you make beliefs, a character and an armor. Everything that cannot be processed is stored in your cells as 'the truth'. And life tends to lovingly steer us towards that truth and show us through reflection that it is a falsehood.'

And so we come to different coping mechanisms, aka the 'Heart Defenders'; methods to dance around that untruth, as it were. These are six attitudes/masks/life attitudes to make ourselves feel safe, but that safety is based on a wrong assumption. Sometimes it is only after years and years and different relationships that we discover our personal falsehoods.

The Heart Defenders are: Critic, Hesitator, Avoider, Martyr, Pleaser and Steamroller. On Chantalle's site you can find a test to see what 'mask' you put on when false beliefs are reflected back to you.

The conversation also went on to discuss sexuality, pornography, the Law of Attraction, what happiness is and where it comes from, the insights Chantalle gained from plant medicines such as Ayahuasca and Bufo, and Brainspotting.

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