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How does this continue? The social credit system

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For today I had planned and prepared 3 articles/opinion pieces. But I've been hit with the flu.

But that is no longer possible because the influenza has disappeared from the face of the earth. Then I have corona. Terrified, because there is now a 0,0001% chance that I will die. That was also the case with the influenza virus. But the television didn't say that. One consolation is that winning the lottery is more likely, although I never participate in state lotteries for various reasons.

It's a bit of a sweat with my partner and we hope to get through the night without any problems. But something in me tells me that I will recover and be healthy again tomorrow.

I am more concerned about the people who have been vaccinated. And especially those who have had themselves injected with the mRNA vaccine.

After statements from, among others, the inventor of the mRNA technique, the Spanish scientists and censored science in general, I am afraid that people who have been vaccinated run a very high risk of getting major problems if they are hit by a flu virus in the coming flu season . (source)

The misery that ensues would then be sold as a new virus or a new variant with a nice name. But sell that story when it becomes clear that this only happens to vaccinated people.

It would be terrible if that had to be the lesson to finally see it, but on the other hand, one can only hope. Because it could be worse. Then I prefer to choose the least bad solution for the collective awakening.

There is panic because the number of people who do not want to, and will never, be vaccinated is greater than expected,

“Men” are those people who will one day have to answer for themselves. I get that idea more and more by talking to people.

Assuming that there are no dangers for unvaccinated by vaccinated people. There are many stories going around and it is sometimes difficult to separate information from misinformation.

This was one of the topics I wanted to elaborate on but… Marcel van Tol was ahead of me with a VERY striking piece. I come to the same conclusion when I connect the dots.

Let's hope we're both wrong. But don't count on it. What we write are just summaries of facts spoken by exactly those people you should ask and listen to. And those people are not called Van Dissel or Gommers.

Another piece I wanted to write is about how to come together. We are many, yet many feel alone, surrounded by the other 85% who blow the television cabinet and the newspapers with the wind. (percentage is an estimate).

Suppose 15% is wide awake. That is a lot. Enough. But we have to find each other. We have to find each other. We need to do something we may not have done in years, which is actively seeking out strangers, talking to them and making friends. And that doesn't have to be difficult. You pick each other up like that.

We have to come together before we can actually do anything. The battle is fought on several levels. Through lawsuits, through awake emerging media. Because of us, and by us I mean all of us, not CSTV, because we radiate outwardly how we stand. But if we can come together, then we can contribute a big extra stone. If I survive this I will tell you how I did this myself in the past months (almost a year now).

Many have regrets, at least that's what I notice in my environment, after their first (often AstraZeneca) injection and are done with it. For some reason they have become more critical. So they don't go along with the increasingly hilarious propaganda to take an mRNA vaccine.

It is stated that 85% of the Netherlands has now been vaccinated, but I don't believe that at all. The panic is great, the propaganda radiates so much despair and is so moronic, something doesn't sit well with them there. But those who have long been convinced not to take the vaccine, as this gene therapy is popularly called, will no longer be able to convince you.

Then we have received 2 very interesting emails that will be dealt with tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Today I have to sit out my gri.. corona.

The social credit system

One of the purposes for which this crisis was created, among other purposes such as population thinning, is China's Social Credit System.

Jasper made a good video about this:

This is Jasper's channel:


I'm afraid it's getting too late...


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