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How many covid-19 deaths are there really?

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Covid-19 Patient Notification System (CPNS)

It is of the utmost importance that the fear remains in you well. It is for this reason that the young and rutte do not like it so much when Van Haga again comes up with justified and critical questions. Many real news sites are being censored or even downright sabotaged. The truth must be kept hidden. Because the truth is not that terrifying at all. At least, not for you and me. Well for the regime. But the lying and cheating now even goes so far that they themselves have no idea what is actually going on.

I have mentioned in my columns a few times before about the sheer amount of lies being told to us. Most people can imagine a lie here and there, now and then, but not that a global crisis consists entirely of lies.

The existence of the virus has not been proven.

The PCR test is based on lies and assumptions.

In the Droste Paper, which Marion Koopmans also contributed to, it is even acknowledged that they were unable to detect the virus.

Death figures are widely manipulated.

Everything to do with the more or less mandatory mRNA or vector syringe is completely lied to.


My father recently died of a heart attack. The doctor on duty casually writes that my father died of covid-19 and was ill for 4 days. I filed a complaint against this doctor, and this doctor subsequently filed a complaint against me for defamation, slander and insult.

This is typically a case of someone who has been caught and then plays the victim role. Incidentally, I was extensively interrogated at the police station of Alphen aan den Rijn following the report of this doctor. But yes, since the doctor made up his death registration and since my declaration and publication on CommonSenseTV is in the national interest and based on facts, I eventually had a substantive good conversation with 2 chief agents of the police of Alphen aan den Rijn .

I will keep you informed about how this will end.

In any case, this incident prompted me to do more research into the registration of deaths. I already came across an article in the English newspaper The Daily Mail, in which more than 100 readers came up with stories similar to what happened to my father. And then I started looking a little further. For this I have put the magnifying glass on the regulations of the WHO and the regulations of the English National Health Service. And I can already share the conclusion:

It is nothing short of shocking. Cheating and messing around on such a large scale that there is actually no data available at all.

Our regimes are undoubtedly aware of this and let this situation continue. It just goes to show that any measures that are being taken are just there to serve a different agenda. These have nothing to do with numbers of infected patients, hospital admissions or deaths from covid-19.


The WHO, the world health organization, gives in this document some instructions and examples on how all member countries (about 190) should deal with covid-19 death registrations. Just take a look.



HIV, pregnancy problems, all good, as long as breathing difficulties are mentioned. Well, that seems to be an ailment that many of the deceased have to contend with. Breathing difficulties. So that is easy to fill in


The NHS, the UK's National Health Service, has followed the WHO's instructions well:

The NHS introduced the Covid-19 Patient Reporting Standard (CPNS) in March last year. This is a nationwide system that records all hospital-related deaths related to Covid-19. This registration method is still in force, with a number of stricter regulations. CPNS issues a daily press release announcing the devastating pandemic and keeping the general public under the scare.

I cover a number of passages:


The COVID-19 Patient Notification System (CPNS) was set up in March 2020 to record COVID-19 related deaths in hospitals in England. The data collection of the CPNS provides a rich source of information that will ultimately lead to informing about and to a broader understanding of COVID-19.

Definition of a COVID-19 death for CPNS reporting:

Report deaths that occur in the hospital where there is a positive COVID-19 test result or where COVID-19 is listed in part one or part two of the death certificate.

What deaths should I report on CPNS?

Include data in which the patient's death occurred with: A positive COVID-19 test result or COVID-19 noted in Part 1 or Part 2 of the death certificate.

For the purposes of CPNS reporting, there is a 28-day period within which positive COVID-19 test results must be documented on CPNS. In cases where a patient has had a positive result more than 28 days before death (or on a negative test, no test or result unknown), this death could not be reported on CPNS unless COVID-19 is listed in Part 1 or Part 2 of the death certificate.


What happens to the data once it has been entered into CPNS and how is it used? Once the notification is entered into CPNS, the record will become visible to your regional CPNS leader. The regional leader will validate the report and may contact you for additional information. Once the notification has been regionally validated, the notification becomes visible to the national report. The national report is published in the Statistics Area of ​​the NHS England and NHS Improvement website, within a dedicated area with data on COVID-19 deaths. The data is updated daily and can be accessed here. It is publicly accessible and receives a lot of attention. The data is also shared with Department of Health and Social Care and Public Health England. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) also collects our information for their weekly report, Deaths in England and Wales, which details the impact of the pandemic. Also, measuring Covid-19-related deaths against the expected national average for a week, so it is essential to have accurate and timely reporting of COVID-19-related deaths. The information is a rich wealth of data that provides insight into and teaches about the national impact of the pandemic and informs about short- and long-term policies and important guidelines. A press release is issued daily with a regional breakdown of deaths, the age range of those people who have died, and the number of patients who have died with a pre-existing state. Daily reporting of the data to media and supporting journalists with this data is of the utmost importance. 
Your continued support and vigilance for this process is therefore appreciated and essential.


Blah, blah, blah, it is all very important that everyone cooperates in this.

But what it actually says is that anyone who dies from a road accident, shark bite, myocardial infarction, or just of old age, and has had a positive PCR test in the past 28 days, is a Covid-19 dead. If someone has not undergone a pcr test or a negative pcr test, it is a covid-19 death if this is nevertheless completed on the form.

In other words, just write something down and you are a covid-19 death.


In England there is also such a thing as a WOB (Open Government Act) request. Fortunately, Anglo-Saxon legislation is a lot more accurate and careful than our legislation. A request under the Freedom of Information Act should be taken very seriously. Someone filed a request for public disclosure of the actual numbers of deaths in UK hospitals during the period February 1, 2020 to December 20, 2020.

The official response from the UK Department of Health: 0.


Again, because you don't believe me. ZERO.



We at CommonSenseTV always think a little further. Could it really be that no one died from Covid-19? Yes, that is possible. Sars-Cov2 has not been detected and covid-19 has not been detected. So you can not actually conclude that people die from it. But as far as we are concerned, that is a bit straightforward. People do indeed die from a serious lung disease. That is the case now and it has always been the case.

My conclusion is that the numbers are so polluted that the official authorities simply have no answers. The Alphen family doctor who quickly wrote down covid-19 as the cause of my father's death, claims that he acted in good conscience. That is definitely incorrect, unless he classifies these types of registration instructions under the heading of 'honor and conscience'. But how can a doctor come to determine a cause of death and write it down on a form, seal the envelope, and not communicate with the grieving family what the cause of death is? If a loved one dies, the next of kin still want to know what caused the loved one to die. The fact that that has not happened could be laziness. But that is very crude. So there may be another (advantageous) reason behind it. Think for yourself what his noble motives could be ……

The police of Alphen aan den Rijn thought that I should not call him a 'dangerous madman'. I removed that from the original post. We'll leave that in the middle for now. But if he himself claims to have acted 'in good conscience', then there is at least a looseness with that man.

He is confident about the charge and trial for defamation and libel. Well me too !!!!

And it will not stop there. robert-jan, mark, hugo, we will not let go.


The whole CPNS report for the enthusiasts:


The Daily Mail:


A few of my previous columns on this topic:

A Corona-denying family




My father passed away. Another covid dead? Or not?


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