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How many patients have actually been tested for corona ?! RIVM does NOT want to publish figures

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The figures on the amount of tests available are not clear.

Also not the number of tests done in the first period of the corona outbreak: February 27 to March 9.

The people who are dying of corona now have become infected.

Dead patients are NOT TESTED for corona, but are added to the number of corona deaths because of corona-like phenomena.

For example, a patient who tested positive for the coronavirus died in the Albert Schweitzer hospital in Dordrecht on Friday afternoon. He or she was in a special department for corona patients. It is the first corona-related death for the hospital, the hospital reports Saturday evening.

The hospital says that THAT DOES NOT SAY that the coronavirus was the CAUSE of death: 'In many cases a multitude of factors play a role.'

Earlier patients in Dordrecht have died who had SYMPTOMS of the coronavirus, but have NOT been tested for it because of their condition and the outlook. They were nursed in isolation and their name has been added to the corona death list.

Nobody in the Netherlands knows how many tests have been performed. How many tests have been ordered? How many requests for test kits have been recorded? And how many tests are currently available?

The shadowy RIVM does not simply want to make this information available.

Minister Hugo de Jonge received the concrete question from Baudet: 'How many corona tests have been done from 27 February and how many test kits are still available for the Dutch population?'

Hugo replied: 'The RIVM must have had a reason why they DO NOT just CALL the number apparently. It TAKES A LOT OF SEARCHING. '

His comment was even more vague that the first cases of corona in Brabant were tested using the contact-research method.

Anyone who came into contact with a corona tested and infected person was automatically quarantined for two weeks and added to the number of corona cases after testing. This method soon became untenable due to a lack of tests, 'said the minister.

In other words, very few people were actually tested for corona after March 9.

There seems to be a great shortage of tests. RIVM does not want to say how great the scarcity is.

'What does the RIVM have to hide?', Thierry Baudet also wonders.

And why are there apparently more than enough tests available for migrants entering EU countries during the corona crisis?

While these incoming asylum seekers usually do not show any corona symptoms at all, but are given a standard corona test as a routine act performed during a border medical examination.

Daily Mail source


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