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How the farmers are slowly killed off

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How the farmers are slowly killed off

It is often assumed that the Netherlands is governed by our government. That is not the case, our government consists largely of puppets in the hands of influential groups including banks and the World Economic Forum (WEF). These two parties benefit greatly from fewer farmers in the Netherlands and have been pushing for their downfall for a long time.

The purpose of the banks is clear, profit, profit and even more profit. Since the economic added value of farmers in the Netherlands is limited, the banks can get more profit from moving farms to countries such as Bulgaria. Nobody else is interested that the quality of life of the animals in Bulgaria is considerably lower.

The goal of the WEF is a new kind of world order with more socialism, more control and more government. They want to reform the world with their Great Reset and sustainable development goals. (1)

Since the farmers have a lot of land, this stands for power, capitalism and freedom, everything they are against.

Farmers must therefore be devastated by these groups and that is a program that has been rolled out for a long time. In this process, Carola Schouten is just a puppet with a task and that is why her actions cannot be felt, not like a human being but a robot that executes a program. (10)

The plan to expel the farmers has been in the planning for years and runs through the Natura 2000 areas. In 2001, during a meeting of the European Council, it was decided to designate nature areas in the context of nature conservation. (2) The fabricated argument was that the loss of species of plants and animals should stop by 2020.

Not all member states have yet definitively designated all natura areas, for many countries it was quite rightly in no hurry. The Netherlands, on the other hand, was quick to choose 162 areas and there are a striking number of heathlands. Of course, this choice did not take place according to a referendum, the government, without any form of consultation, designated exactly those areas that suited the Great Plan.

What they initially did not say is that the EU subsequently came up with the idea that these Natura 2000 areas should remain identical for all eternity. Change is bad is the new mantra. They don't mind that this goes against all the rules and laws of nature; that nature is always evolving they keep quiet for the sake of convenience. The desire not to change the Natura 2000 areas is like holding a snowman contest in winter, and then saying that the most beautiful 162 snowmen should be preserved forever, even during the summer.

The natural history of the Netherlands was one with mainly forest. When more people arrived, many trees were felled for the firewood and to be able to farm and raise livestock on this land. In the 18th and 19th century sheep poo was used to provide fertilizer to the fields. This provided the fields surrounding the villages with phosphate and nitrogen. However, the “rugged land” further from the village gradually became impoverished and the vegetation changed. Heather is therefore nothing more than the nature of impoverished soil, in other words man-made impoverishment and depletion of the soil with appropriate sparse vegetation. (3)

Heather is therefore a situation of pathetic plants on unnaturally poor soil. Sooner or later these heathlands will return to their original condition by natural course. Phosphate and nitrogen will one day blow back onto these soils and they will return to their natural state, namely, full of real nature with green plants, trees and forests.

The greening process is going faster around farms. A strip of land of about 200-300 m around a farm is supplied with nitrogen (NH3) a little faster. On days when it is very windy, the NH3 may come a little further. This involves small amounts, the deposition of nitrogen around the farm is only a fraction of what you pour into your bouquet with a dash of Pokon.

The European Union has therefore devised the following narrative; namely, that heather must remain heather forever and ever. No expense or effort should be spared to prevent a natural greening of the heather. The RIVM is enthusiastically cooperating with this with absurd models and poor measurement methods with regard to nitrogen. (4) Even though history has always been one of changes in nature and biodiversity, the EU sells the myth that we have reached the perfect natural equilibrium by 2020.

This religion of the ideal balance is proclaimed in more ways: this also applies to temperature and CO2. These have always changed in the course of history, but according to the WEF may never change again. The sales pitch is now that the world and the Netherlands in particular has reached its perfect state and should never change again. Things like dinosaurs and ice ages were a big mistake of nature that should never happen again. Now it is good and any change should be avoided, according to The Faith of the World Economic Forum.

Nitrogen from farmers, however, leads to this horrible greening of nature. Under the motto of saving nature and delaying change, farmers are now being killed with a green sauce. Every NH3 molecule is one too many, so all farms have to go according to this story.

This nonsense is propagated everywhere; the newspapers and television, which are 95% owned by the same people, proclaim this new mantra. Our children are brainwashed at school with this rape of science and history (5)

Farmers who protest against their demise are labeled too aggressive, unreasonable and nature haters. People who write well-founded nitrogen reports are dismissed as Nazis by GeenStijl. (6) Everything is a well-oiled machine to lie and deceive you as a population in order to push through The Great Plan.

And if the farmers feel that they are poorly represented by their union, their corporation and their trade magazines, they are absolutely right. The rot and corruption run much deeper than they think. The only ones who stand up for their rights with any reason are Mesdag and Farmers Defense Force.

What many farmers do not understand is that they still think they have influence. They think they can still convince the government with reasonable arguments. However, that is not possible at all, just as the mafia cannot be convinced with reasonable arguments.

What many farmers also fail to see is that, just like themselves, there are more groups that are slowly being strangled by the government. Many farmers think that the media and government are only unreasonable about their own situation, but are blind to other groups who are now just as well mangled in the same way.

We now see it around corona, for example, how completely rotten the system is and how far one goes with the lies to kill the catering industry. In the media, crucial topics such as IFR, HCQ, vitamin D and PCR have been structurally concealed in the media from day 1. (7) All this aims to push the new sanctuary through it and make a new restart, without farmers, without catering and with everyone on the vaccine. If this sounds like a conspiracy, that's a sharp observation, because it is.

Just as the farmers have the idea that they are only represented by Mesdag, the same applies to clubs as ClintelVirus truth en orthomolecular doctors. You will never see these groups mentioned or represented in the mainstream media. All these groups are carefully avoided, framed, ridiculed and slowly turned down. And it is the same media that make some farmers think that Willem Engel is a cult leader, Willem Engel may think that the farmers are destroying nature. Many also think that sea levels are rising and that the flu shot is a better solution for flu than a healthy diet. (8-9) All misunderstandings, a fraud that has been carefully constructed for 30 years by the media with endless repetition and a response to emotions.

Change therefore does not come from the government, salvation comes from helping your neighbor and your loved ones. Listen to their story, avoid conflict and division, and support each other where possible. Do not trust any media, do not trust this story either, double check everything and then have doubts. Turn off your television, quit your newspaper and look for new sources of information.

My advice now is mainly: know your enemy, unite against the government. United we stand, divided we fall.

Inspired by Niemöller the following poem.

First they came for the fishermen

but I did not stand up for them

because I was not a fisherman

Then they came for the farmers

but I did not stand up for them

because I was not a farmer

Then they came for the performers

but I did not stand up for them

because I was not an artist.

Then they came for the hospitality industry

but I did not stand up for them

what i had no restaurant.

Then they came for me

but no one stood up for me

because there was no one left

to stand up for me





5) https: //






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