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How to interpret this result?

Will the riot police take even more ruthless action against peaceful demonstrators this weekend, now that their bosses Rutte and Kaag seem to have won the elections curiously enough?

Given the incomprehensible appreciation of voters who voted VVD and D66 and despite all the misery of the last 4 years in particular and the 10 years of Rutte in general, you would be inclined to call the result an unmitigated disaster.

The elections with those double winners within the current coalition do have some negative comments. Why did post votes for 3+ have to be arranged in addition to an extension to 70 voting days? After all, if you put enough faith in muzzles and the ridiculous 1,5 meters, everyone could, as always, vote safely on 1 of the 3 days. Now the reports of fraud related to the posted votes are pouring out the vote clicks. In any case, adequate control was not built in.

Until the elections, the TV bosses determined which politicians could be permanently on the screen. This could be an explanation for the phenomenon that in a week the polls for De66rang van Kaag could rise from 12 to 23 seats. Please note: the parties that scored zero seats, just like everyone else, had to pay € 12.000 and lost it, because they did not make it. Incredibly unjust and far from democratic. This would be impossible after the introduction of the AS system.

Siegrid Kaag wins big, despite her elitist soul and bliss lies with Europe, Klaus Schwab and George Soros. Virtually in a busy street shout 'Europe' and it horrifies 99 out of 100 people. How and where did she collect all those votes?

Historically, the second largest party in the still outgoing cabinet loses a lot of effort and effort to the largest. The CDA could possibly have been rewarded for the routine work of Pieter Omtzigt, but loses 4 seats. The SP van Renske Leijten, with Pieter responsible for still uncovering the criminal way in which the benefits affair originated and could continue to proliferate, is also punished. You don't have to have a degree to know that fundamental things have gone wrong. The loyal D66 voters of 4 years ago should feel at least shit, but no, this D-unworthy party is shooting to a 2nd place!

D66 has helped to strip down the concern, despite the gas reserves, leave Groningen out in the cold, betrayed parents in the benefits affair, are partly responsible for very unlawful emergency law measures and various missteps by government officials. This cabinet was not sent out for a silly receipt. Outgoing was allowed to stay on until a new group of professional idiots appears. Another cabinet with VVD, D66, CDA and CU? Not refreshing at all, and given the earlier fall, an unimaginable insult to the rudimentary remnants of what we once thought we should call a democracy.

The knives are sharpened in the meantime. Parties do not want to be filleted in 4 years if they cannot bring in enough now. Note: enough minority views. The CU could destroy a D66 position to help with a dignified ending of a completed life. A position that around 80% of all Dutch people would be in favor of.

How completely different would it be within an AS system? In any case, not a voter-cheating coalition, let alone one with many minority views and certainly not pleasing each other for 4 years at the expense of many voter promises.

The VVD will have to offend many loyal voters in order to achieve a stable cabinet. Little ones are needed, because PVV and FvD are excluded and the three left-wing parties have promised each other to work together until betrayal strikes there too. It is certainly not going to be stable. Based on the 'easy' solution of continuing with the outgoing four, it may be concluded that they have nowhere near a majority in the senate.

JA21 could offer a solution with the 8 seats stolen from the FvD. Then a combination VVD, D66, CDA and JA21 has a minimal antidemocratic majority of 76 seats in the 2nd and 40 in the senate. Whether Kaag wants to work with such a right-hand block is very much the question. Believe the 3 YES marbles will constantly shake no if they don't bring in much more than Seegers would think possible with his CU. Problems that cannot occur with an AS system.

Then Kaag turns out to indicate that he does not want a thoroughly boarded-up coalition contract and that he can live with a minority cabinet, whereby varying majorities have to be sought per item. Rutte is horrified by this, he loses control. This is already shifting somewhat towards AS. But if there is no cabinet to form for the time being and we end up in Belgian insanity, AS could be the solution sooner than expected.

Then a temporary disaster turns into a beneficial victory (s)!

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